Scavenger Santas Reign & Dear

SAMSUNGPhoto Above:  REcycled gifts for the family.  Most of these gifts were sourced from landfill.  Even the Christmas gift bags are from landfill!  Oh, and the tree and decorations too.

If RUDE is going to give ‘crap’ from the malls [=our money to multinationals] it would rather give ‘crap’ REscued from landfill [= saving our planet and pennies]. 

For the past year we have been saving stuff from landfill to give as gifts for Christmas.  It’s what we do to Beat The Man, who is betting that we are going to be suckered into spending at Christmas time.  Any money we may have spent [not much] has been given as a donation to a community cause.

We want to take this opportunity to thank our followers for sharing our frugal lifestyle journey in 2014.

Beat The Man and start 2015 with no debt from Christmas gift giving.

Video below:  A Rude Rug [Quilt] for our daughter made from REcycled wool fabric REscued from landfill.

Smitten Scavengers

B07xIjGCQAEuVx-‘Creative collaboration is awesome’ ~ Alicia Silverstone

Rude was over the moon recently when it was invited to feature on Confessions of a Refashionista’s blog.  Sheri Pavlovic the creator and designer approached RUDE to work in collaboration.  Sheri is the quirky brains behind the following fun and colourful collaborative Youtube video.

RUDE presented some ‘rude’ material and Sheri REcreated it into an artistic video masterpiece here.  She did all of this whilst moving to and decorating her new home.  I [Karen] just had to find out if Sheri is a Virgo.  Why?  Because Virgos are very organised with incredible attention to detail.  Our star signs combined make for a perfect partnership.

I loved working with Sheri as I am a Capricorn.  I am organised too, but in a very practical sense.  Together there was no procrastination.  Our collaborative creative project was a pleasurable task, that just had to be executed.  And execute it we did –  all as agreed and to a deadline.

Below:  Confessions of a Refashionista presents Smitten with Rude Record feature, including  RUDE’S tips for scavenging

Beat the Man and collaborate with Virgos!

SAMSUNGAbove:  RUDE boy Danny made this jewellery hanger for me yesterday.  It’s made from little wooden bowling pins REscued from landfill.  It is attached to a shelf in my studio.  It’s used for scavenger necklaces also sourced from landfill.

Thrifty Tinker

Tinker, as the dictionary states, is a rough and ready worker who is in for a spell of tinkering. That’s my Danny! I like to encourage him to get all this detritus that others have discarded and oftentimes dumped. Why? It saves money for sure, but more importantly for us, it’s like a fun game of Beat the Man. And you get to feel kind of smug about doing it.

Danny also continues to learn new and better ways of repair and maintenance by researching on Youtube. He then applies the lessons learnt from such a wonderful and generous cyber community of tinkers, to the actual object at hand.

By watching and sometimes helping, I get to learn all sorts of interesting things too. My creativity is fuelled when I make the videos. These by the way are motivational and are not intended for exact instruction. There are a lot of people who do the How To videos very well, and we do not want to traipse over their turf. I will let you in on a little secret, we don’t know what we are doing, but do really – not a very good approach for step by step instructional videos.

We hope that our antics simply bring a smile to your face and motivate you to look at your stuff in a different way. This video features Danny repairing a line trimmer, but that is not our intended main aim. We want to spread the message that planned obsolescence does not have to be accepted. Repair rebels unite, to stick it to the man, whatever you decide to have a go at and fix!