Anchor Down


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When you buy things that are expensive, like a sofa or something that really feels like an investment, you need to keep it as plain as possible, as simple as possible. Make sure that it’s a clean design that will work with whatever style you want it to.

Nate Berkus


Many of our blog followers will not be surprised to know that we have a leather sofa and two matching lounge chairs , that are over two decades old.

This sofa combo was purchased new, yes back when RUDE Girl spent money on good quality new things.  The good quality investment has paid off and served us well.  However, there has always been one niggling problem.  And this was not picked up at point of sale.

The sofa and the two chairs’ cushions slip slide away from under our buttocks.  It’s very annoying because your back is no longer supported.



No back support means you have to sit sideways


It has taken until now to finally troubleshoot the problem.  Buying a new sofa and chairs was out of the question.  Why?  We do not shop for stuff.  Buying secondhand was an option but nothing had tickled our fancy.  And waiting for a free replacement, whilst always an option, was not happening.

I had to be jolted to remember that we are the RUDE guys, and good at re-purposing and fixing.  So, I said to myself it’s time to solve this issue, with what’s in the home, and for free.  The resource that anchored down the cushions, to stop them slipping, was actually stored in RUDE Boy’s shed.  I just had to go searching for it.  Here’s my fix it story in the video below.


Gladsome Garbage


I’m very glad to have something to be passionate about. I can’t imagine a life without passion.
Sylvia Kristel

I’m always glad to see somebody rethink something rather than reproduce something I did.
Harold Prince

RUDE Girl has a very old little book that’s titled A Gladsome Life.  It was rescued by me, from landfill fate many years ago.  It’s like a little Bible of beautiful wisdoms.  The word gladsome is archaic for glad.  The word gladsome makes me smile and feel grateful.

Us RUDE Guys are suckers for practical junk.  We are always gladsome when we come across the discarded.  And when it is NOT associated with monetary exchange we are even more gladsome.

The junk we find has to fit-in with our lives in a practical way.  It has to makes us smile and feel gladsome.  It has to be fit for immediate reuse with a spruce up and/or DIY repair.

This blog post has been inspired by a skip scavenge we did a couple of nights ago.  It made us RUDE Guys think of those gladsome garbage rescues we have made over the years.  Hence the title of this blog post.

We would like to share with our followers some little corners and places filled with rescued items that have made us gladsome.   We are sure many of you will relate to our junk vignettes of found objects [check out trash art here].  These junky pieces are organic and ever changing, and make wherever we have lived and live now,  feel like home.


Bentwood Chair and hardwood framed screen with vintage curtain fabric.


Painted handmade vintage bookcase with recycled books, vase and other curios.  Daughter Rebecca’s high school embroidery in a frame [top left].


A little sewing nook in the corner of a room.  Vintage Janome sewing table and Brother sewing machine.  This table also houses a vintage Pfaff  sewing machine [not viewable in photo].


Wooden overhead cabinet piece rescued from hard rubbish.  Legs attached and made into storage for a sewing room.


Handcrafted roughly sawn wood frame with bird print rescued from a skip bin.

Beat The Man by sprucing up gladsome garbage, for free or little cost!

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Gif Girl



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RUDE Girl finally got around to making a gif file.  It was a bit of a creative thrill for me to do it [I am far from a techo geek] and to have moving photos [literally] of me, felt like I have been remade in another format [nothing like a good makeover, right?]  Forget airbrushing, just get a bunch of photos, flip through them fast and all those wrinkles are hard to spot!

Seriously, today there is no time to waste, so I have had to gif up….whoops I mean giddy up.  My slow living life has fastened up just like a gif file.

Tomorrow we are off to two events in one day.  Yikes!! 

My alma mater Pascoe Vale Girls’ High School, is celebrating 60 years of educating young women.  I am not sure what formal secondary education taught me to be frank, but I am grateful for any teachings given at school or in life, that I have made opportunities of.  I am in touch, via Facebook, with my best friend Wendy from high school.  We share some fond memories of our school days.

Which reminds me, I must revisit the school song today.  It just might be up for a rap rendition by me.  Watch this space.

I was also thinking that my alma mater should also be celebrating 60 years of not succumbing to housing development, like my brother’s alma mater Oak Park High School!  Well done Paco Girls!!


Pascoe Vale Secondary College, Melbourne, Australia.


In the afternoon we are off to a wedding.  In true RUDE Girl scavenger style, my outfit had to be created, by me, from secondhand garments.  Over on Facebook at Rude Record I have posted glimpses of what glad rags I will be wearing.  Scavenger style is RUDE’S political and economic statement, and we do walk its talk, even into wedding events!  Every expense is spared, and the more formal occasion the greater the creative challenge too.

Stay posted, with more photos, videos and gifs to come, from tomorrow’s celebrations!

Below is a giffy of RUDE Girl in a vintage Esprit chocolate brown pure woollen cardigan, that has had a simple revamp.  The blue fulled woollen fabric came from another Esprit polo neck jumper, and the pink fulled wool fabric from a Seed brand children’s cardigan.

Next week, I hope to post a video, to my You Tube playlist, at Rude Record ~ Sewing of this cardie jacket being created. 

In the meanwhile, it’s time to go back to school, to a wedding and to go Beat the Man!




RUDE had to find out the meaning of the word Redux.  It means revived; restored; brought back, which pretty much fits with the RUDE ethos, hence the title for this week’s belated Friday blog post.

RUDE Boy has been busy in his shed.  He forgot to remind RUDE Girl [as he always does] that it was Friday [yesterday] .  He always says, “RUDE Girl, you have to write our blog post, don’t forget!”  Well I never got that reminder!

On Friday mornings before I get out of bed, I think about what I am going to write about.  I rarely plan ahead.  It usually just comes to me, from our week in the RUDE household, reusing and repairing stuff.  Once I get an idea or two, I am keen to get out of bed and start my day.  I usually write our blog post in the afternoon.  It can take anywhere from 2-4 hours to complete a post.

This morning I did not do the above process, and it really threw my routine out.  This afternoon I had no idea what I was going to write about.  Oh no, writers’ block!!

Later an idea came to me, as I was reading the weekend newspapers.  I came across this article titled Vintage Redux.

Herald Sun 2 July 2016 Weekend pg 17

Image source:  Herald Sun

I spotted the model for Gucci, in the revamped kilt, and just had to have some fun.  I decided to do a RUDE redux [inspired by Gucci] with my beautiful vintage, made in Australia, Fletcher Jones kilt. 

When I play around like this, it is like a game, and always on the spur of the moment.  With what I have at hand, I get creative and challenge myself to make an acceptable interpretation.  Well, our followers can be the judge as to how I went with this Saturday afternoon scavenger style activity.

Beat The ‘Designer’ Man by being de-spic-able, says Daffy!

NB  My paternal grandparents lived in Merrivale, Warrnambool and knew Fletcher Jones.  My Nanna told a story of him coming door to door with his cart, selling his wares.



Well Boro Me




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Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience. Ralph Waldo Emerson


A quick Friday blog post from RUDE today with a video and photos.  RUDE Girl has finally finished the boro on RUDE Boy’s #3 Levi’s. 

This project was a labour of Levi’s love over 5-6 months.  It has been worth every stitch to keep these vintage jeans out of landfill.

Should any person ever call me impatient, I can produce the proof  x3 that Patience is my middle name. 

Beat The Man and boro [and borrow too]!

Check out the video here of RUDE Boy modelling his three pairs of red tab Levi’s, revamped with  RUDE Girl’s contemporary version of boro.


Below:  all photos  are close-ups of Levi’s #3

RUDE Girl is Administrator of a Boro group on Facebook at


Tick Tock



William Baldwin is spot on.  It is definitely time for our Ansonia to have a service.  It does not keep time well and after a few days it starts speeding up.  It has probably never been serviced.

RUDE Girl’s Ansonia was purchased very cheaply way down south in New Zealand.  In Melbourne, the price of an Ansonia in similar condition was double the price I paid, if not a bit more.  Some Ansonia clocks were triple the price depending on condition!!

The song in the video below,  My Grandfather’s Clock by Burl Ives was a song my father used to sing to me as a child.

Make the most of your days, as Father Time will always Beat the Man!


RUDE Girl’s Pretty Petticoats


From the 1960s TV sitcom Petticoat Junction

Many an irish property was increased by the lace of a daughter’s petticoat ~ Proverb

RUDE girl recently had a post come into her Facebook news feed with photo of a pretty blue petticoat.  The caption read, Who remembers this?

I remember shopping in the 1970s for my first bras and petticoats to match.  Three of each in pretty pastel colours.  I have always had a petticoat or two in my wardrobe.  A couple of half slips in my lingerie drawer.  And my vintage tulle petticoats on a clothes rack in the spare room.

In the last decade since rescuing clothing from landfill fate, I have managed to save petticoats as well.  All have been my size just different lengths.  Most are made in Australia. 

And yes, I wear petticoats with dresses, half slips with skirts and tulle petticoats for fancy dress parties or with after-five frocks.

I have curated an on-line blog post exhibition of my petticoats below.  And here is the link to my most popular YouTube video featuring my tulle petticoats and a little story about them.  Enjoy!


A1 White Nylon Petticoat


A1 White nylon petticoat ~ lace top half


A2 Vintage pink petticoat


A2 Top section of vintage pink petticoat


A2 Bottom of vintage pink petticoat


A3 Target brand vintage petticoat [maxi] made in Australia.


A3 Top section of vintage Target petticoat


A4 Designer Fleur Wood petticoat [or nightslip] $1 AUD in a charity shop


A5 Chelsea design made in Australia maxi black petticoat


A6 Petticoat [nightslip]


A6 Top section


A7 Chocolate brown and pale pink lace petticoat which is a favourite to wear.


A8 Pale pink nylon petticoat with lace detail.


A8 This petticoat looks like it has been handmade or similar [not mass-produced]


A8 Bottom section with lace detailing


A9 White nylon petticoat with lace detailing.


A9 Top section of petticoat


A9 Bottom section of petticoat


A10 This petticoat is my all time fav and I wear it the most. It was bought years ago from a charity shop [yes, I remember which shop too!]. It may have cost $3 or $4 AUD back then but it has been well worth the few dollars spent.


A10 Lace top section


A10 Lace on bottom section


A11 Long sleeved stretch lace petticoat