“Australians are extremely risk averse.”  David Gianotten / Architect at OMA

It is becoming more and more apparent to us RUDE Guys that many Australians are loosing their larrikanism, and becoming very schoolmarmish in behaviour.  Aussie bureaucrats are top of the class when it comes to accepting the status quo and not wanting to take risks.

In today’s The Age playful parents prevent anxiety in kids because they are encouraged to take risks safely.  A good reason for repeated exposure to things that might feel unsafe, like tinkering.



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Unfortunately, what this type of behaviour leads to, is lack of innovation.  If you do not want to risk take, you can only draw on things that have been tested.

Therefore, the quote above by Mr Gianotten, is pretty spot on as far as we are concerned.  However, it does not relate to us RUDE Guys, as we pride ourselves on being calculated risk takers, especially when it comes to our tinkering.

Below is our last You Tube video for 2017 and our Happy New Year well wishes.

This video is about having fun in the shed and tinkering the day away, however it’s also about safe risk when tinkering with machinery and electricity.  If you are competent you do not need a licence to tinker!!

Beat The Man and keep bloody bureaucrats where they belong ~ away from us innovative folk, and our kids too.



Tool Time


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Do not wait; the time will never be ‘just right.’ Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along.
George Herbert 

And RUDE Boy is relating to this quote below 

I like doing things where I can get dirty, work with my hands, and use power tools. Last weekend, I did some grouting.
Nathan Fillion 

For this week’s blog post RUDE was keen to do a post about a collection of things.  Interestingly we do not see ourselves as collectors.  Maybe it is because we do not collect things as a hobby.  We collect to reuse things in a very practical way.  And monetary value rarely comes into play.  It is always about function for us.  And if practical things are beautiful to look at, well that’s a bonus.  This morning, as with most Friday mornings, I lie in bed wondering what to post about.  I was thinking about some of the stuff we have around our home.   I thought maybe our baskets, chopping boards, CDs, vinyl LP records and books.  RUDE Girl has rescued many cane baskets from landfill.  We have baskets for laundry, sewing, clothes, serviettes, ironing, shopping, display, food, storage and towels.

Photos below:  RUDE Girl’s cane basket collection

RUDE Boy has tools that were purchased new, many years ago.However, it was time to feature those in his collection that have been rescued from TIP SHOPS.  The tools featured in this video below, are a great asset to the business of running our frugal household.

With a no shame attitude, you can Beat The Man!

Thrifty Tinker

Tinker, as the dictionary states, is a rough and ready worker who is in for a spell of tinkering. That’s my Danny! I like to encourage him to get all this detritus that others have discarded and oftentimes dumped. Why? It saves money for sure, but more importantly for us, it’s like a fun game of Beat the Man. And you get to feel kind of smug about doing it.

Danny also continues to learn new and better ways of repair and maintenance by researching on Youtube. He then applies the lessons learnt from such a wonderful and generous cyber community of tinkers, to the actual object at hand.

By watching and sometimes helping, I get to learn all sorts of interesting things too. My creativity is fuelled when I make the videos. These by the way are motivational and are not intended for exact instruction. There are a lot of people who do the How To videos very well, and we do not want to traipse over their turf. I will let you in on a little secret, we don’t know what we are doing, but do really – not a very good approach for step by step instructional videos.

We hope that our antics simply bring a smile to your face and motivate you to look at your stuff in a different way. This video features Danny repairing a line trimmer, but that is not our intended main aim. We want to spread the message that planned obsolescence does not have to be accepted. Repair rebels unite, to stick it to the man, whatever you decide to have a go at and fix!