Evan Biddell’s VVbyEB 81lb Challenge


“I think that if you do have a voice, and you see something wrong in the world as an artist, you have to point it out. It’s the only way it’s going to change.”

Evan Biddell ~ fashion designer

Check out the short promo in the link below, as Evan rocks the runway.  [longer versions of this video are at the end of this blog post]


Us RUDE Guys point out the wrongs of rampant fast fashion, by wearing our signature folly which is Scavenger Style.

We walk our talk and dress in the discards of others.  We have grown up wearing hand-me-downs and remade clothes.

For over a decade we have worn Scavenger Style 365 days of the year and 24/7.

95% of textiles can be recycled therefore we say NO WAY to landfill when it comes to our clothes and bed linens.

Stop buying it and beat The Man.  It’s the only way it stops!




Check out the 81 pound collection’s images below.



Gladsome Garbage


I’m very glad to have something to be passionate about. I can’t imagine a life without passion.
Sylvia Kristel

I’m always glad to see somebody rethink something rather than reproduce something I did.
Harold Prince

RUDE Girl has a very old little book that’s titled A Gladsome Life.  It was rescued by me, from landfill fate many years ago.  It’s like a little Bible of beautiful wisdoms.  The word gladsome is archaic for glad.  The word gladsome makes me smile and feel grateful.

Us RUDE Guys are suckers for practical junk.  We are always gladsome when we come across the discarded.  And when it is NOT associated with monetary exchange we are even more gladsome.

The junk we find has to fit-in with our lives in a practical way.  It has to makes us smile and feel gladsome.  It has to be fit for immediate reuse with a spruce up and/or DIY repair.

This blog post has been inspired by a skip scavenge we did a couple of nights ago.  It made us RUDE Guys think of those gladsome garbage rescues we have made over the years.  Hence the title of this blog post.

We would like to share with our followers some little corners and places filled with rescued items that have made us gladsome.   We are sure many of you will relate to our junk vignettes of found objects [check out trash art here].  These junky pieces are organic and ever changing, and make wherever we have lived and live now,  feel like home.


Bentwood Chair and hardwood framed screen with vintage curtain fabric.


Painted handmade vintage bookcase with recycled books, vase and other curios.  Daughter Rebecca’s high school embroidery in a frame [top left].


A little sewing nook in the corner of a room.  Vintage Janome sewing table and Brother sewing machine.  This table also houses a vintage Pfaff  sewing machine [not viewable in photo].


Wooden overhead cabinet piece rescued from hard rubbish.  Legs attached and made into storage for a sewing room.


Handcrafted roughly sawn wood frame with bird print rescued from a skip bin.

Beat The Man by sprucing up gladsome garbage, for free or little cost!

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Perks of Ponder


If you give people nothingness, they can ponder what can be achieved from that nothingness.

Tadao Ando

But, when the work was finished, the Craftsman kept wishing that there were someone to ponder the plan of so great a work, to love its beauty, and to wonder at its vastness.

Giovanni Pico della Mirandola

For RUDE the perks of our ponderings mostly arise from our frugal lifestyle.  The happiness of what we do and share,  to be able to create with our hands and spend large chunks of time at home, the inspiration that we get from social media and elsewhere, to name a few, are some of our perks.

Before RUDE Girl writes this weekly blog post, I do a few hours of pondering.  It is never planned, just pondered.  All sorts of ideas come into my head during the morning.  And then without much thought, I start to write about nothing much that turns into something eventually.  I like the challenge of what is reflected in Ando’s quote above.  And that’s achieving from nothingness with a good old ponder.

I also ponder about busy people I know.  Do they have the time to ponder?  I am grateful that I have a lot of time to ponder, and mostly it’s about sharing what we do, in interesting and creative ways.   What have I been pondering of late?

RUDE has a wedding to attend this month and the dress is formal.  When you stay at home most of your clothes are casual.  Whilst I have a few formal outfits, it’s a creative exercise for me, to attempt to curate a new outfit from nothingness or not much at all.

I started pondering about a ‘new to me’ secondhand outfit, after coming across this image.  The look is not me but there is something about it.



What is it that speaks to me?  The black sheer blouse, and what I thought was a skirt but are palazzo pants, made me ponder.  And from my ponderings came a desire to find a black see-through blouse, for next to nothing, and in a short time frame.  As if!!

I am not so keen on the high waist palazzo pants, let alone sequins, so I will more than likely wear a skirt from my vintage collection.

But to find a sheer black blouse was in the back of my mind but certainly not in the front of it.  RUDE Boy and I were out grocery shopping and decided to look on the $1 racks outside a charity shop.  I was not much in the mood, and most of the garments were pretty ordinary.

I had finished  looking at one rack, and was not going to look at the clothes on the other rack.  However, I decided to look just in case I found a diamond in the rough.  And lo and behold, yes, you guessed it!  There was my black sheer blouse!  And it was sunray pleated for goodness sake!



A Very Very brand black sheer blouse


AND, get a load of this Very Very information here

Sometimes the universe has a wonderful way of listening to our ponderings and providing very very nice surprises.  The charity shop had marked down my Very Very blouse from $6 to $1.  I could hardly breathe when we found each other.  And now knowing that it is designed and made in Australia, I am gobsmacked.

Beat The Man by embracing the perks of pondering!



M Magazine Sunday Age August 21, 2016

Levis Love



RUDE Girl is shaping RUDE Boy’s Levis for what’s to come.  It’s a radical act to stitch and to wear repaired vintage secondhand jeans.  It makes a statement that RUDE strives to Beat The Man.


Really, what are the options? Levi’s or Wranglers. And you just pick one. It’s one of those life choices. Harrison Ford

RUDE Boy is a Levis man but he also wears other brands.  All of his denim duds are secondhand.  Many purchased decades ago when charity shops had quality stock in his size.  These days he does not have much luck sourcing pre-loved denim jeans but that could be because we rarely frequent charity stores. 

Wearing worn in denim is definitely on trend and big business.  People pay good money to source pre-loved quality brand jeans.  Of course, RUDE never pays much money for anything, and prefers to seek out our own worn threads.  However, as I mentioned it is getting harder to do so. 

This post is to showcase RUDE Girl’s mission to keep RUDE Boy’s pre-loved vintage Levis living on forever.  Yes, forever!  Hopefully one day they will be featured, as an oddity for their time, in a museum. 

I have been sashiko stitching and patching some of RUDE Boy’s Levi jeans over the past 12-18 months.  It’s a labour of love because it takes a long time to stitch and patch not just holes but over thinning areas.  I am reinforcing intact denim with denim, and then using a reverse boro technique, where the patches are mostly on the inside of the jeans.  Much of the stitching and patching is preventative work in an attempt to save on hole repair in the future.

I have labelled each pair of Levis I am mending with a hashtag.  I am currently sashiko stitching #3 Levis.  #1 Levis are featured in this video that was posted to You Tube yesterday.


Here are some photos of #2 Levis and #3 Levis below.  Click on grid images below to get an explanation.


#2 Levis [unfinished] being displayed at Southern Cross Railway Station, Melbourne.

Beat the Man by shaping what’s to come in unique and creative ways.  And add a bucket load of love for good measure!

Trashed Textiles

I remember at the age of five travelling on a trolley car with my mother past a group of women on a picket line at a textile plant, seeing them being viciously beaten by security people. So that kind of thing stayed with me.

Noam Chomsky


RUDE Girl could not agree more with Dorothy Cosonas .  When I go down to the point of landfill to rescue textiles, destined for the garment graveyard, my eyes are seriously focused on the pile of clothes and fabrics in front of me.


Textiles in a TIP SHOP at point of landfill

I have like a sixth sense for what it is I am seeking, among the mostly fast fashion synthetics.  I scourer for natural fibre fabric, unusual print, different texture, interesting colours, country of origin, brand, quality stitching and unique design.  I will not overlook tired synthetics totally, and have picked up clothes for around the house and garden. 

I am really pleased that most of the textiles I rescue, are not of interest to other pickers.  If they were, then I would definitely not find them to rescue.  These would have been snatched up by other pickers, right?

Photos above:  Place mouse over each photo and click to get details.

I usually do not know at the time what I will be reusing the rescued garments for.  The inspiration comes during the sorting and washing process at home.  Or at a later time when I am in my studio creating.  It’s reassuring to know I have a stash of rescued garments that I can immediately revisit for reuse.

The challenge I find, is keeping this stash of garments under manageable control.  Because I make just for myself,  I find I can only wear so much that I re-create.  Once or twice a year I have an audit and decide what is to be given to to friends or donated to charity.

Beat The ‘fast fashion’ Man by wearing trashed textiles that have been rescued and revamped.

Yestermorrow Yearnings


The Yestermorrow Clothes Book: How to Remodel Secondhand Clothes by Diana Funaro 1976


When you can’t remember what day something happened, because you’ve been awake for too many consecutive days.

Person 1: Remember that party yesterday… wait, or was that this morning?

Person 2: I don’t even remember anymore, it was yestermorrow.
Source:  On-line Urban Dictionary

RUDE Girl stumbled upon The Yestermorrow Clothes Book a couple of years ago in a library search for garment re-fashioning texts.

I made a request for my local library to track down the book but unfortunately the book was not available in Australia.  RUDE Boy searched on-line, and found plenty of copies in the USA.  But postage and handling charges, to have it shipped to Australia were, in our opinion,  too expensive.

This year sometime, I recommended the book to my refashioning colleague Bunny in Oregon, USA.  You may remember her from the guest post on Rude Record here

Bunny immediately, and with enthusiasm [and cheaply!] bought the book on-line.  And she promised to share some of its pages with me.

Well true to her word she sent me her chatty style blog post featuring the book, making mention of how RUDE Girl is now part of her yestermorrow book and blog story.

Check out Bunny’s cool book review on The Yestermorrow Clothes Book on this link to her blog which is titled after her feline friend Curious Orange Cat.


The Yestermorrow Clothes Book may be bit dated as stated here but it has all the basics required to refashion garments.  I did try to find out about its author Diana Funaro but no luck.  

Beat the Man and share knowledge on-line across the miles!
images book

Tip Shop Mannequin


I love fake people provided they are mannequins.”
Pushpa Rana, Just the Way I Feel

We try to post a project a day on our Facebook page at Rude Record.  We love to share with our likers what we reuse and repair.  But there is also an ulterior motive to our daily posts.  Yes, you probably guessed it.  We are held accountable and do not procrastinate.

The other day we rescued Jen [named after model and Miss World, Australia’s Jen Hawkins]  from the graveyard [landfill] .  RUDE Boy had a few laughs from Tip Shop customers bemused at him carrying Jen, in intimate places, to our car.  She was dressed in the black dress [photo below] but boy did she need a good scrub.

We were keen to bring Jen home because RUDE Girl can now display garments on her,  and leave my two dress forms free for garment fittings.  Jen has since had a good scrub and currently graces our hall way.  At the moment when you open the front door she is in the raw.  There is now another rude girl in the RUDE household besides me.


Jen is draped in tangled yarn found at the point of landfill.


Jen was gracing the Tip Shop in this Red Berry synthetic frock. Awful quality but great design. Very 1920s and reflects RUDE’S Scavenger Style. Canvas in background was rescued from landfill and covered in recycled fabric.


Jen’s 3/4 cotton coat was rescued from the point of landfill. No brand and no care instructions but RUDE is loving it.


RUDE is happy Jen has been saved from an untimely burial in the ground at landfill. For $5 and some TLC she has been rescued to grace RUDE’S blog and hallway.

Beat The Man by not being shy or hesitant, and rescue a damsel in distress!