Simple Pleasures

Pick up any newspaper or magazine, open the TV, and you’ll be bombarded with suggestions of how to have a successful life. Some of these suggestions are deeply unhelpful to our own projects and priorities – and we should take care.

Alain de Botton

Us RUDE Guys still buy the weekend newspapers.  It is a simple but not so cheap pleasure at $13.  In the quote above Mr de Botton reminds us to take care with what we absorb from reading a newspaper.

We like to think we do and are mindful to read between the lines.  The following article, titled Simple Life Trumps My Bad News Feed in today’s The Age Insight on page 25, has inspired this blog post.  It’s a gem and recommended reading for all those hankering for a simpler life.  A beautiful reminder of the simple pleasures in a rural show, a Punch and Judy  puppet booth, a picnic on a rug and homegrown and/or homemade produce.

RUDE Girl has just finished reading Frugal Hedonism [refer book cover in image below].  Basically the book, like the above article, is reflective in this blog post’s title, Simple Pleasures.


Image:  www

I borrowed it from the local library because I do not buy books.  It was a really easy read and written with some quick witted humour thrown in.  Clive Hamilton’s forward is brilliant.

The book is not a How To instruction manual.  It is more an inspirational and compact reference guide.  I do recommend it.  However most die-hard frugals will already be well versed in its wisdoms. 

For RUDE Girl is refreshing to know that a younger generation is writing about something that I am passionate about. 

“When I look around it’s pretty obvious who are the most freest people in our communities – the ones who have escaped the prison of consumerism and money-hunger.”  Clive Hamilton / Author

Make the money hunger go away by filling up on simple pleasures. Beat The Man!!



RUDE Girl reading The Art of Frugal Hedonism.  She wears Barbara apron made from a vintage dress, refashioned skirt from a dress and thrifted top.  Pillow type cushions made from scarves and shirts.  Moran leather lounge chair from mid 1990s


Virtual Gift Givers


The buying of Christmas presents runs counter to our RUDE values.   And going to the mall to shop for Christmas gifts is out of the question.

The above quote reflects Rude Record‘s sentiments +++, and what we have be doing together, for over a decade.

We were buying and giving recycled gifts, and still will for the grand-kids [something small, as they get so much stuff from others].  But this year we are giving virtual gifts to the adults.

What does RUDE mean by a virtual gift? 

RUDE Boy earlier this year converted lots of old VHS footage of family to digital format.  RUDE Girl has been converting the mpg files to avi files.  Then I am uploading these files to a movie making program for editing.  There is a LOT of editing OUT that’s required! CUT CUT CUT, YUK YUK YUK.   And the best bit of the process is being able to edit IN music, titles and captions.  YAY YAY YAY

These videos, saved to a private playlist on You Tube, will be given to family this Christmas.

1.These digital gifts will keep on giving for generations to come.
2.They can not be thrown into landfill.
3.And us RUDE Guys do not have to go shopping at the mall.

Three reasons [posterity, planet and pocket] to celebrate this festive season!

Below is a short video snippet from some 1983 family footage. It shows that RUDE Boy was into reuse and re-purposing over two decades ago. And that he also had hair!

I haven’t told him yet but there is more footage of him from this era.  It’s my gift to him for Christmas – a reminder that many Christmas ago, he was but, a young laddie.

And below, it’s only fair to RUDE Boy that I include my ‘pretty in polka dot polyester’ Christmas wish from 1994.

Create virtual gifts to give and beat the shopping crowds and The Man!!

Below are  links to two blog articles, of related interest, to this blog post.

A Blogging 3rd Anniversary


These days, you have the option of staying home, blogging in your underwear, and not having your words mangled. I think I like the direction things are headed.
~ Marc Andreessen ~


Three years ago RUDE Girl wrote in our blog’s ‘About’ section. It’s a bit surreal. To think that I have been writing a blog post nearly every week for three years!  And I get to stay at home in my PJs or old comfy clothes, and do it! [refer quote above]

RUDE is personally against ‘mall mentality’ and therefore we avoid shopping malls. However, us RUDE Guys still live in the real world and choose carefully when and what to shop for. And therefore, we sometimes and begrudgingly, have to go to the local mall.

We have a fun time exploring ways of having nice ‘to us’ things without shopping in big box stores. And we are also keen to maintain and develop our resilience and resourcefulness, as opposed to handing over the home economics of our household to middle men.


Below images:  RUDE Girl’s ‘new to me’ summer wedges, rescued from the free bin, at a local charity store.


RUDE Girl’s current project ~ Knitting a bath mat with yarn made from recycled T-shirts


We DO BUY NEW and we consume services +++ however we are frugal when it comes to stuff and food. This is where we make our small difference to our pockets and the planet.

We know our lifestyle is not mainstream but it is certainly not as radical as buying nothing new for 12 months! We prefer to pace ourselves, and balance frugality with the need to spend up, when it’s required. We know we can spend up then because we have saved for a rainy day.

Our blog thus far, has helped us to keep focused on what is important to us. It is also our way of sharing with other like-minded souls.

Embrace Home Economics and Blog.  It builds community resilience. Beat The Man!


Gladsome Garbage


I’m very glad to have something to be passionate about. I can’t imagine a life without passion.
Sylvia Kristel

I’m always glad to see somebody rethink something rather than reproduce something I did.
Harold Prince

RUDE Girl has a very old little book that’s titled A Gladsome Life.  It was rescued by me, from landfill fate many years ago.  It’s like a little Bible of beautiful wisdoms.  The word gladsome is archaic for glad.  The word gladsome makes me smile and feel grateful.

Us RUDE Guys are suckers for practical junk.  We are always gladsome when we come across the discarded.  And when it is NOT associated with monetary exchange we are even more gladsome.

The junk we find has to fit-in with our lives in a practical way.  It has to makes us smile and feel gladsome.  It has to be fit for immediate reuse with a spruce up and/or DIY repair.

This blog post has been inspired by a skip scavenge we did a couple of nights ago.  It made us RUDE Guys think of those gladsome garbage rescues we have made over the years.  Hence the title of this blog post.

We would like to share with our followers some little corners and places filled with rescued items that have made us gladsome.   We are sure many of you will relate to our junk vignettes of found objects [check out trash art here].  These junky pieces are organic and ever changing, and make wherever we have lived and live now,  feel like home.


Bentwood Chair and hardwood framed screen with vintage curtain fabric.


Painted handmade vintage bookcase with recycled books, vase and other curios.  Daughter Rebecca’s high school embroidery in a frame [top left].


A little sewing nook in the corner of a room.  Vintage Janome sewing table and Brother sewing machine.  This table also houses a vintage Pfaff  sewing machine [not viewable in photo].


Wooden overhead cabinet piece rescued from hard rubbish.  Legs attached and made into storage for a sewing room.


Handcrafted roughly sawn wood frame with bird print rescued from a skip bin.

Beat The Man by sprucing up gladsome garbage, for free or little cost!

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Tip Shop Trashion



‘Our signature folly is Scavenger Style’ ~ Rude Record

RUDE Girl just has to share all these images, I have been collecting of on-trend fashion, that is readily available at Aussie TIP SHOPS, that sell recycled textiles.

You will probably not even find most of this ‘trashion’ [or scavenger style, as RUDE calls it] in charity stores, because the volunteers are told to discard worn and/or ripped garments, into the recycled textile bags, for collection and downcycling.  Well, I have never seen ripped jeans in op shops in Australia, unless things have changed.

Anyways, these celebrity looks featured below are easy to get, for next to no cost.  That’s if you dare to venture out to a recycling transfer station, and then go inside the TIP SHOP there [if, of course, it has such a TIP SHOP shed on-site].



M Magazine:  September 11, 2016 pg 4 ~  When Trends Attack


RUDE Girl’s $2 military punk style boots


M Magazine: Denim is Back ~ September 18, 2016 pg 4


December 17, 2013 ~ RUDE Girl was way ahead of this current trend, featured in the above image.  Jeans rescued from landfill fate were to small.  Added in a yellow piece, from another pair of jeans, which were too small and also from a TIP SHOP.


M Magazine October 2, 2016 ~ Underwear As Outerwear


M Magazine:  September 11, 2016 pg 4 ~  When Trends Attack

The designer slip, in the above image, was $1 and will look pretty as a top with jeans or a skirt this summer.


Above image:  M Magazine September 25, 2016 ~ Keeping It On The Level ~ Granny look garments are plentiful at TIP SHOPS.  The secret is knowing how to pull the style together like Reese.


Sunday Style Magazine ~ Just get a cotton shirt from a TIP SHOP,  and rip the collar off it, for this look. EASY, hey!

Beat The Man to the recycled clothes at the TIP SHOP!  Worn and torn really is the look [apparently], and it’s super affordable to achieve!

Gif Girl



Image Source: www

RUDE Girl finally got around to making a gif file.  It was a bit of a creative thrill for me to do it [I am far from a techo geek] and to have moving photos [literally] of me, felt like I have been remade in another format [nothing like a good makeover, right?]  Forget airbrushing, just get a bunch of photos, flip through them fast and all those wrinkles are hard to spot!

Seriously, today there is no time to waste, so I have had to gif up….whoops I mean giddy up.  My slow living life has fastened up just like a gif file.

Tomorrow we are off to two events in one day.  Yikes!! 

My alma mater Pascoe Vale Girls’ High School, is celebrating 60 years of educating young women.  I am not sure what formal secondary education taught me to be frank, but I am grateful for any teachings given at school or in life, that I have made opportunities of.  I am in touch, via Facebook, with my best friend Wendy from high school.  We share some fond memories of our school days.

Which reminds me, I must revisit the school song today.  It just might be up for a rap rendition by me.  Watch this space.

I was also thinking that my alma mater should also be celebrating 60 years of not succumbing to housing development, like my brother’s alma mater Oak Park High School!  Well done Paco Girls!!


Pascoe Vale Secondary College, Melbourne, Australia.


In the afternoon we are off to a wedding.  In true RUDE Girl scavenger style, my outfit had to be created, by me, from secondhand garments.  Over on Facebook at Rude Record I have posted glimpses of what glad rags I will be wearing.  Scavenger style is RUDE’S political and economic statement, and we do walk its talk, even into wedding events!  Every expense is spared, and the more formal occasion the greater the creative challenge too.

Stay posted, with more photos, videos and gifs to come, from tomorrow’s celebrations!

Below is a giffy of RUDE Girl in a vintage Esprit chocolate brown pure woollen cardigan, that has had a simple revamp.  The blue fulled woollen fabric came from another Esprit polo neck jumper, and the pink fulled wool fabric from a Seed brand children’s cardigan.

Next week, I hope to post a video, to my You Tube playlist, at Rude Record ~ Sewing of this cardie jacket being created. 

In the meanwhile, it’s time to go back to school, to a wedding and to go Beat the Man!



Perks of Ponder


If you give people nothingness, they can ponder what can be achieved from that nothingness.

Tadao Ando

But, when the work was finished, the Craftsman kept wishing that there were someone to ponder the plan of so great a work, to love its beauty, and to wonder at its vastness.

Giovanni Pico della Mirandola

For RUDE the perks of our ponderings mostly arise from our frugal lifestyle.  The happiness of what we do and share,  to be able to create with our hands and spend large chunks of time at home, the inspiration that we get from social media and elsewhere, to name a few, are some of our perks.

Before RUDE Girl writes this weekly blog post, I do a few hours of pondering.  It is never planned, just pondered.  All sorts of ideas come into my head during the morning.  And then without much thought, I start to write about nothing much that turns into something eventually.  I like the challenge of what is reflected in Ando’s quote above.  And that’s achieving from nothingness with a good old ponder.

I also ponder about busy people I know.  Do they have the time to ponder?  I am grateful that I have a lot of time to ponder, and mostly it’s about sharing what we do, in interesting and creative ways.   What have I been pondering of late?

RUDE has a wedding to attend this month and the dress is formal.  When you stay at home most of your clothes are casual.  Whilst I have a few formal outfits, it’s a creative exercise for me, to attempt to curate a new outfit from nothingness or not much at all.

I started pondering about a ‘new to me’ secondhand outfit, after coming across this image.  The look is not me but there is something about it.



What is it that speaks to me?  The black sheer blouse, and what I thought was a skirt but are palazzo pants, made me ponder.  And from my ponderings came a desire to find a black see-through blouse, for next to nothing, and in a short time frame.  As if!!

I am not so keen on the high waist palazzo pants, let alone sequins, so I will more than likely wear a skirt from my vintage collection.

But to find a sheer black blouse was in the back of my mind but certainly not in the front of it.  RUDE Boy and I were out grocery shopping and decided to look on the $1 racks outside a charity shop.  I was not much in the mood, and most of the garments were pretty ordinary.

I had finished  looking at one rack, and was not going to look at the clothes on the other rack.  However, I decided to look just in case I found a diamond in the rough.  And lo and behold, yes, you guessed it!  There was my black sheer blouse!  And it was sunray pleated for goodness sake!



A Very Very brand black sheer blouse


AND, get a load of this Very Very information here

Sometimes the universe has a wonderful way of listening to our ponderings and providing very very nice surprises.  The charity shop had marked down my Very Very blouse from $6 to $1.  I could hardly breathe when we found each other.  And now knowing that it is designed and made in Australia, I am gobsmacked.

Beat The Man by embracing the perks of pondering!



M Magazine Sunday Age August 21, 2016