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Us RUDE Guys are future planners.  We have been planning, in some way or another, for decades both individually and together.  We openly discuss death, dying and advanced care planning.

This planning that we do, for these serious life and death matters, are important to us.  However, we enjoy planning around living in the present moment.  Each day we get up out of bed, and think about what we will do.  And then we plan for our day ahead.

We are anti-consumerists, therefore its necessary that we advanced care plan around the death of our useful objects, because we do not believe in shopping for new stuff, if we can care and maintain our old stuff.  We do not like spending time in shopping malls.  Strip shops can be a pleasant browse experience, however these are few and far between where we live.  We do not get satisfaction spending our hard earned cash on new stuff that we do not want or need.  And we know that the secondhand and older objects that we own have been much better made.

Today RUDE Girl has read two lovely articles on mending, which to us RUDE Guys is a form of advanced care planning for garments and other textiles.  The articles’ links are posted below.  These articles inspired me to feature two advanced care textile plans, created by me for two of my thinning vintage tea towels.


Pure Linen Vintage Tea Towel, backed with handkerchief cotton,  made in Czechoslovakia

The above tea towel was purchased, with a pile of others, in an opportunity shop a decade ago.  It has been in use all these years and the linen fabric is getting thin.  I decided to back it with white handkerchief cotton.  This advanced care textile plan was created to ensure that when further thinning of the fabric occurs, I can reinforce any areas with running stitch.

The two vintage linen tea towels below, from the same charity shop score, have been joined together with running stitch.  The linen fabric on both tea towels was also getting very thin.  With the two tea towels now stitched together as one, this tea towel is very absorbent when drying the dishes [we do not have an electric dishwasher].


Pure Linen Vintage Tea Towels, stitched together, made in Romania

Beat The Man ~ mending is better than ending and then spending




“Australians are extremely risk averse.”  David Gianotten / Architect at OMA

It is becoming more and more apparent to us RUDE Guys that many Australians are loosing their larrikanism, and becoming very schoolmarmish in behaviour.  Aussie bureaucrats are top of the class when it comes to accepting the status quo and not wanting to take risks.

In today’s The Age playful parents prevent anxiety in kids because they are encouraged to take risks safely.  A good reason for repeated exposure to things that might feel unsafe, like tinkering.


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Unfortunately, what this type of behaviour leads to, is lack of innovation.  If you do not want to risk take, you can only draw on things that have been tested.

Therefore, the quote above by Mr Gianotten, is pretty spot on as far as we are concerned.  However, it does not relate to us RUDE Guys, as we pride ourselves on being calculated risk takers, especially when it comes to our tinkering.

Below is our last You Tube video for 2017 and our Happy New Year well wishes.

This video is about having fun in the shed and tinkering the day away, however it’s also about safe risk when tinkering with machinery and electricity.  If you are competent you do not need a licence to tinker!!

Beat The Man and keep bloody bureaucrats where they belong ~ away from us innovative folk, and our kids too.


Rudassity is Badassity


RUDE Boy came into the bedroom whilst I was in bed snoozing yesterday morning, and says “have you read Money in The Age newspaper yet?”  He was keen to let me know there were two relevant articles for Rude Record.

Here is the link to the first article by Catherine Robson Financial Planner at Affinity Private

Our Rudassity Philosophy is pretty much the same as Mr Money Mustache’s [MMM] Badassity Philosophy.  However we are no match for  MMM,  because Peter Adeney is a frugal-living internet sensation, according to Financial Planner Catherine Robson .  And just a quick peak at his blog, tells us RUDE Guys he is a frugal-living celebrity!

We we are not internet celebrities but we do walk our talk.  RUDE Girl retired from part-time work at 52 and RUDE Boy could have retired at 56 but is enjoying a transition to retirement program or what we call our ‘money for jam’.

We are not much into advice from celebrities of any kind, and do not need to follow MMM’s tips.  We have been doing most of these tips for decades.  However MMM’s words of ‘Badassity’ wisdom [in all it’s amazing detail] are not to be ignored, that’s if you want to retire early and rich. He, like us RUDE Guys, is definitely ‘on the money’ due to spending less than he makes.

Us RUDE Guys enjoy writing our simple blog and sharing some little stories but unlike MMM, we prefer to stay away from ‘how to’ advice on anything.  Why?  Because there is so much of it out there.  And oftentimes it is presented well and worthy of note, like MMM’s blog, for example. 

We prefer to inspire and hopefully motivate by storytelling in short blog format with a few pics and maybe a vid.  No financial gain is desired by us, because we are virtual volunteers, who are happy to share our frugal experiences, for free.

However, like MMM us RUDE Guys are on a  global mission albeit a much smaller version to Peter Adeney’s, to hopefully make people think about consumption, and the lifestyle of liberation that frugality can offer up.

It’s funny because the last sentence in this article above states, ‘One DIY haircut at a time.’  That’s what RUDE Girl had planned after getting out of bed yesterday morning, for RUDE Boy to give my hair a trim.  Cost $0.  I make no money from paid employment these days, so I am not going to spend $50 on a trim.  Simple Rudassity economics.

And if your interested here’s the link below to the second article.  It ends with this sentence as follows:

“No one thinks that a house full of children’s toys is a sign of financial success, but that’s what many of us are unwittingly choosing.”

Us RUDE Guys have been to houses where grandparents also have toys galore for when the grandchildren visit or get minded.  We have also been to TIP SHOPS  with shelves and cots full of toys.

Beat The Man!!

The world’s first mall for recycled goods

In Melbourne, Australia, the city of Melton where us RUDE Guys live, our State Government of Victoria has given the go ahead for the large expansion of a landfill. This landfill is set to take rubbish from all over Melbourne and its outer suburbs for the next 13 years.

Australian TIP SHOPS at municipal Recycling Centres have a long long way to go. We could definitely learn something from the Tuna recycling model mall. It’s one type of mall us RUDE Guys would enjoy the window shopping.

Make Wealth History

Last week I wrote about the Edinburgh Remakery, and how they are trying to foster a culture of repair. It’s one of the most shared posts I’ve ever written, and there’s clearly a real interest in this whole idea. Lots of you have been in touch to share similar projects, including this one from Sweden.

ReTuna Återbruksgalleria is a mall dedicated entirely to repaired and upcycled goods. It combines a traditional municipal recycling centre with a shopping centre, so that people can drop off goods that they no longer need, and then browse for something new – perhaps stopping off at the cafe in between. It’s the first mall of its kind in Sweden, and as far as they know, the first in the world.

Staff at the recycling depot intercept and sort incoming goods as they are dropped off, putting aside those that can be repaired or refurbished…

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Every town needs a remakery

Us RUDE Guys strongly agree with Sophie. And repair skills whilst appreciated by the minority are not embraced by the majority. Why repair when you can buy something new is what we hear most of the time. Oftentimes people have not thought out why repair is of value but when it is explained to them, a light usually goes on.

We are having our first repair event in our local town on the 8th April, 2017. You can find out more on our Facebook open group @menditmelton

Make Wealth History

The Edinburgh Remakery is a social enterprise that teaches repair. The shop sells refurbished computers and furniture, and hosts workshops where people can come along and learn how to repair their own things. There’s a big vision behind it: “we want to generate a repair revolution. This means changing the way people use and dispose of resources, encouraging manufacturers to build things to last and to be fixable, and making sure the facilities are in place to allow people to repair and reuse.”

The Remakery was founded by Sophie Unwin, after spending a year in Nepal. There she saw a culture of repair and stewardship that was absent in our own throwaway society – but it used to be there. Previous generations knew how to fix things. This generation just needs some re-skilling, access to the tools to do it, and some encouragement to give it a go. It’s…

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Guest’s Show & Tell



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This week RUDE Girl has succumbed to the dreaded lurgy.  I am confined to bed, do not have much energy, and thought the best way to post, was to get a friend to help out.

Jacqui, who wrote this blog post for RUDE, agreed to help out this week and showcase her Kantha inspired woollen ‘snuggle rug’.  Thanks so much for coming to my rescue.

Jacqui is a member of my Kantha Facebook group here.  And as you will gather, she is very enthusiastic about Kantha.  In the piece showcased below, she even uses pliers to pull the needle and thread through the layers of fabric!

These are images of Jacqui’s, not quite finished, Kantha for a cold climate. It is a rescued old woollen blanket, batting and cotton backing.  She has used embroidery wool, crochet cotton, and a few beads from her stash.  No money was harmed in this winter throw!

RUDE Girl is in awe of Jacqui’s Kantha piece, because it would not be easy to manipulate by hand, due to its size and bulk.

Beat The Man and collaborate with like-minded souls!