Fabulous Fringing

Well Dream Craft, RUDE Girl has been very rude not noticing your pingback to my WordPress blog post Fab Fringing. I do apologise and please forgive my ignorance when it comes to how WordPress works.

It’s lovely to read what you have posted. It makes me feel a little sad I am not blogging to my WordPress followers at the moment. However, I am blogging most days on Facebook @ruderepair

My WordPress blog is taking a back seat to some face to face community volunteering and more time in my studio.

I have just finished boro on RUDE Boy’s vintage and secondhand Levi’s. Here’s a short video.

Now to take a peek at what you are blogging about. RUDE Girl x

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Rude is one of my favorite blogs to read. She finds the most interesting items at the landfill then recreates them into things and garments she can wear. This is a very talented woman and worth taking a look at her blog. Today she shares her love of fringe. I think I might have to cut off a pair of my old jeans and all fringe for next summer.

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A Blogging 3rd Anniversary


These days, you have the option of staying home, blogging in your underwear, and not having your words mangled. I think I like the direction things are headed.
~ Marc Andreessen ~


Three years ago RUDE Girl wrote in our blog’s ‘About’ section. It’s a bit surreal. To think that I have been writing a blog post nearly every week for three years!  And I get to stay at home in my PJs or old comfy clothes, and do it! [refer quote above]

RUDE is personally against ‘mall mentality’ and therefore we avoid shopping malls. However, us RUDE Guys still live in the real world and choose carefully when and what to shop for. And therefore, we sometimes and begrudgingly, have to go to the local mall.

We have a fun time exploring ways of having nice ‘to us’ things without shopping in big box stores. And we are also keen to maintain and develop our resilience and resourcefulness, as opposed to handing over the home economics of our household to middle men.


Below images:  RUDE Girl’s ‘new to me’ summer wedges, rescued from the free bin, at a local charity store.


RUDE Girl’s current project ~ Knitting a bath mat with yarn made from recycled T-shirts


We DO BUY NEW and we consume services +++ however we are frugal when it comes to stuff and food. This is where we make our small difference to our pockets and the planet.

We know our lifestyle is not mainstream but it is certainly not as radical as buying nothing new for 12 months! We prefer to pace ourselves, and balance frugality with the need to spend up, when it’s required. We know we can spend up then because we have saved for a rainy day.

Our blog thus far, has helped us to keep focused on what is important to us. It is also our way of sharing with other like-minded souls.

Embrace Home Economics and Blog.  It builds community resilience. Beat The Man!


Blog Day & Pizza Nite


RUDE has been busy converting old VHS tapes to a digital format.  This has to be undertaken in real time.  It takes many hours and a lot of patience to listen to my deceased father, God rest is soul, talk non-stop for 40 hours!

Seriously, I am very glad he recorded never seen before footage of the family.  And in the following months, I am going to be editing this footage into short digital stories.  I am planning to share my digital recreations with family in the form of ‘experience’ gifts for their birthdays and Christmas.

Anyways, whilst we have been going back to the 80’s and 90’s playing videos, RUDE Boy mentioned that I needed a new longer lasting battery, for my video camera.  It was purchased off Ebay and has been wonderful but the small battery is inefficient.

The new battery cost $70 [including postage and handling].  Yes, we actually bought something new!

According to the advice, it was best for this new battery, to be flattened twice before use.  We could have just let the video camera run and not engage.  However, I was never going to ignore the camera.  The opportunity was there do actually make recordings of something not nothing.  And I did.  There is about 60 minutes of us hamming it up, with no intention of sharing it.

Of course, RUDE Girl loves nothing better than to share, and I thought some five minute video vignettes, would serve as an anthropological study on how people [us] in the 21st century interacted with each other over pizza.  Well, maybe not so much that but what a noble reason, hey!

I thought back to my Dad’s old videos, and what parts took my attention.  It was the footage of family interacting over a meal, talking about nothing much at all.  For me those moments in time, were heaps more meaningful to us, than Paris at night or the Palace of Versailles.

Below is a five minute video of a chat we had over pizza whilst running the battery flat.  This is part 2 and there could be more parts to come for posterity.

Beat the Man and make your own healthy and cheap in-house pizza!  And dare to dance afterwards, to work off the calories.



Waste Writer


We are material creatures who spend much of our lives on material pursuits (even building a cathedral or writing a novel requires stone and mortar or paper and ink). Virginia Postrel

The digital age has made nearly all of us ‘publishers’ of content, making most of us writer in ways that, a decade or so ago, did not exist.  Tara Moss


RUDE Girl’s most favourite quote

It’s pleasing to know we are in the company of greats like Shakespeare!!  RUDE lives to explore what can be reused, not just from our dustbin but others’ dustbins and skips as well.  RUDE Girl writes about our ways with potential and discarded waste, most days.

RUDE likes the notion of promoting simple reuse of everyday things, compared to fancy upcycling of stuff.  The more grassroots, make do and mend a project is, the more our senses are excited, by the rescuing and revamping of the mundane.

This week over on Facebook @ruderepair, I was inspired to make dishcloths from an old beach towel.  And, I was also inspired by a follower and friend Jacqui, to add sleeves from a garment to a pair of long johns. 

Below are the links to these two videos, if you have not already seen them.



I guess the will to make use of what is already at hand, is very strong for RUDE.  We do not want too much more stuff in our lives, but we certainly want to reuse, care for and maintain what we have.

RUDE had a visit recently from Sue, a follower and friend, who highlighted that she loved reading what RUDE Girl was writing about.  She suggested there may be a book in it! She liked the human element of what RUDE showcased on a daily basis.

Sue was not interested in blogs with statistics and lots of text to wade through.  RUDE Girl studied statistics at university for a year.  I was very good at the subject BUT the last thing I want to be including in my creative writing musing is stats!

By writing stories about, and showcasing examples of, the wealth making possibilities in waste, RUDE hopes to inspire and/or encourage others to Beat The Man!


Check out RUDE Girl’s Boro Group of Facebook



Pet Peeves’ Purge

images 3

I was a pedantic child. I’d get really annoyed at the logic of small things that don’t bother anyone else. Peter Baynham

Yes, RUDE have their fair share of pet peeves when it comes to social media and blogging.  Well RUDE Girl does, and well, RUDE Boy hears all about it. 

Please, do not get me wrong.  I am on social media [Facebook] a lot, and most of my experiences are wonderful.  And I blog here and it gives me such joy to share.  What could I possibly be peeved about, you ask?  Good, because I need to debrief and hopefully some of you will listen and/or relate.

Peeve A

Naively perhaps, I just found out on social media that some people really do think they, and they alone, champion a specific cause.  And that there are NO other people doing what they do.  Hello!!  Really?  Well RUDE does not believe them.  And does not want to follow their hubris.

We follow bloggers [and Facebook pages] who mostly do the same thing as RUDE, but in their own unique ways.  For example, RUDE blogs about our frugal lifestyle, as do hundreds of other people. 

There is nothing much new about frugality, reuse and repair.  But one would hope that  RUDE, with our Beat The Man message, showcases a point of difference to other frugal bloggers.  And that this uniqueness makes us champions of frugality, along with all the other champions of the frugal cause.


Peeve B

Bloggers who are into telling you how many people are following their blogs, how many hits they’ve had in the last thirty minutes, how many times they’ve had s.. whoops getting too carried away with my peeving.  You get my drift, right?

RUDE is keen to read good content, not look at figures.  Tell us where the number of followers bloggers have, is an indication they are great bloggers.  There are many variables to factor in to that research project.


We get it, that some people may be peeved by our Beat the Man approach to living.  It can appear rebellious, maybe even divisive at times, like now.  Oh dear, forgive me if my peeving offends.  Please share any on-line pet peeves you may have.

Today on Facebook @ruderepair I posted about another RUDE Girl peeve [no community sheds for women].  Check out how Australian women are now rallying to establish community women’s sheds, similar to the men’s sheds


Lovely Liebster Award


To refuse awards is another way of accepting them with more noise than is normal.

Mark Twain

RUDE were definitely going to accept a Liebster Award from our talented friend Eimear in Ireland and from the blog The Up Sew.  Thank you Eimear for nominating Rude Record for an award.  But crikey, what’s a Liebster Award?

Of course we accepted the Award before we knew what it was all about.  Why?  In blog land you appreciate anyone or anything that makes an effort to recognise your efforts.  And Eimear is such a lovely cyber friend that I would find it hard to say no to her.

First thing was to find out what a Liebster was awarding us for.  You can read all about it here but basically the idea behind this award is to recognize new bloggers and help promote them!

There are a few rules, and the first is to post the award logo.  I decided to post three logos because I love awards.

Eimear  has asked RUDE some questions, and RUDE Girl will answer them as RUDE Boy had to rush off to work.

What persuaded you to start a blog?

It was the best creative avenue for us to compose stories about our frugal lifestyle, where we could also include test, photos, graphics and videos.indexa

Favourite piece of advice you have been given?

At night, if driving, always know what street you are in, just in case you are ambushed and have to call for help.  It makes me smile to remember how and when it was said to me.


What is a favourite make (any medium)?

Hand and machine sewing this recycled fulled wool quilt for my daughter for Christmas 2014.  It was a labour of love.  My first ‘real’ quilt and not simply a patch worked piece.


Best or worst sewing habit?

Worst sewing habit is deliberately dropping cotton thread over the floor.

2016-02-19 14.25.08.jpg

Most useless sewing gadget in your collection?

I have a couple of antique thimbles but I do not use them for sewing.  I remember my mother saying that a thimble was a nuisance when she hand-stitched.  I have tried to use a thimble when sashiko stitching through layers of denim, but find pulling the needle through with pliers is better.


What would be your ‘dream’ make?

Something like in this video or an Earthship.

Who taught you or inspired you, to sew/make?

I taught and inspired myself, with a bit of help from my sister.  She taught me how to lay out a pattern on fabric.  I did do sewing at school but not a memorable experience.  My mother was a good sewer but she did not intentionally teach me.  Sewing by osmosis, perhaps?

Favourite cartoon character?

Top Cat who lives with his friends in the alley ways and amongst the trash.  A street smart kitty cat.


Favourite piece of music?

RUDE Girl loves music.  I have already posted myself singing my favourite song, in the whole world, on my You Tube channel, if followers would like to check it out here.  It was recorded 2 years ago and has had 1,740 views.  It was my first ever You Tube video recording.  It was not intended for You Tube but when RUDE Boy downloaded it.  It touched his heart actually.  We both decided it was going to be shared with the world.

Now, I would like to nominate the following three bloggers for a Liebster Award.  As part of the rules I must notify them.

Vee at Restyle4Life
Maretta at Osgood My Collection
Terese at Green Teresa

My 10 questions as per the rules are as follows:

What do you like most about Rude Record’s blog?
Why do you blog?
What is your favourite topic to blog about?
What don’t you like when you read other blogs?
What is your passion?
Is mending a joy or a chore?
What’s your favourite meal?
Are you a homebody or traveller?
What is your best recycled find?
Was getting this Liebster Award an honour?

Beat The Man and pay forward the Liebster Award love!

RUDE Behind Closed Doors

“No one but YOU knows how hard you work, how many hours you put in behind the scenes, so rely on YOURSELF for approval, not the outside world.”  Anon 

“You have to work very hard behind the scenes, to make a message clear enough for a lot of people to understand.”  Stefano Gabbana

6863_20121027_124018_400308_297303653707079_1332581554_n[1]Above graphic:  RUDE Girl may know the faults but she is not big on judgement, preferring people to be authentic.  She rarely cries behind closed doors these days, as a simple life affords her peace.  She does fight battles that nobody knows about.  And if people do find out about the battles she fights, she knows by experience that most of the time she will not be supported by them because oftentimes they just want to fit in to the mainstream.  And that’s okay for them but it’s not RUDE Girl’s way.

There seems to be some revealing of late, by bloggers that I follow, about what goes on in the life of a blogger behind closed doors, or in other words behind the scenes.  To RUDE Girl’s thinking this is a good thing.  Therefore  it’s my turn to share what I do, to bring our followers YOU,  a weekly Friday WordPress blog post,  an occasional tweet at Rude Record and a daily Facebook page post at Rude Record.

But before I do that, I want to share that behind closed doors, and away from my WordPress blog, I have my sticky little fingers glued to the keyboard [wearing off the printed letters on the keys – yes true] in some other forums.

I administrate one of the largest Marching Girls’ groups in the world on Facebook.  It is about to reach 1,100 members shortly, and it is a very active and vocal group.  It fits well with the RUDE philosophy of recycle, in that it is reuniting people with a sport, that was lost to many of them after their teenage years departed.  This group has an annual meet up in Melbourne, Australia.  Individual members have been known to also meet up with each other as agreed.


Marching Girl photo for coverPhoto above:  Graphic of three New Zealand marching girls.

I also administrate a small closed group on Facebook of passionate recyclers at Bowerbirds Journal.  This group is capped at 45 members to keep it focussed and intimate.  It’s sort of like attending a face to face group where it is safe to share diverse comment and opinion.  And some of us do meet up face to face.


Bowerbird GraphicPhoto above:  Crocheted bowerbird by group member Maretta is the cover photo of Bowerbirds Journal.

RUDE [Danny and I] are regular contributors to a local forum, that allows us to get up on The Soapbox, and have our say about posted local issues.  It’s a great forum for us to express our concerns about local waste management and recycling issues.  At the moment there is a vast amount of timber and textiles being dumped into our local landfill which is facing an expansion submission. We have been advocating for hardwood timber to be free to the community if it is going to be dumped.


soap boxPhoto above:  Cover page graphic for City of  Melton Soapbox

We  have been instrumental in getting the free textiles happening but as yet timber is not forthcoming.  Until we see it on offer to the community, we can only assume it continues to be dumped into landfill and/or chipped for landscaping.  This is very concerning when beautiful hardwood timbers are a limited natural resource.  Local upcyclers working with wood are prevented from sourcing recycled timbers, which in RUDE’S opinion is a travesty.  

SAMSUNGPhoto above:  RUDE has advocated for free stuff and now it is available at our local Tip Shop.

Working and non-working flat screen TVs were also being dumped on the ground at our local recycling transfer station.  RUDE made a video to expose the apathy.


Thanks to lobbying by RUDE it would appear this is no longer going to happen.  The flyer below has recently been displayed at our local Tip Shop.


In regards to this blog Rude Record, it usually takes a few hours, sometimes more to get it published.  It depends on numerous factors, including what I want to add to the post such as photos and videos.  If I make a video, of course that involves more time on top.  So, it would not be unreasonable to say, a blog post takes a working day to publish.

I love writing and sharing my thoughts.  RUDE as a couple loves sharing its unique lifestyle with interested like-minded souls.  We have found that it is best to write for and share with our followers.  And we too get so much inspiration back from you.

Photo above:  RUDE [Reusers of Unloved Discarded Excess] is couple Karen and Danny. 

Therefore, rather than go out and volunteer for a charity, we give our time to share globally on-line via these forums I have mentioned.  We hope our efforts [and my writings] in some small way inspire collaboration, networking, recycling, frugal living, reuse and repair to name a few things.

We know that writing about living off landfill is a niche topic.  We are unique in our activities of daily living.  This is no doubt why you follow us, and we are dedicated to delivering something very different. 

Our unusual lifestyle aka scavenger style is 24/7 and 365 days of the year for 6 years, has a tendency to get us looks like in the photo below.  But we also get some amazing constructive and positive feedback via our numerous forums.

Scrunch nose

It was always the intention of The Man to keep us in our homes in suburbia, not sharing anything, so that we would all consume more.  It was orchestrated 1950s marketing that worked a treat, and suckered the masses. 

Beat The Man by sharing your stuff, your thoughts and what goes on behind closed doors!