Running Repairs

Us RUDE Guys aka Mend it, Australia recently posted about textile mends for others in the community. A little bit surprised that we did not get any responses.

These mends would be one on one and free. Simple mends only. Also a few years back we offered running repairs in our own community but received no interest.

What does that say about us? Or what does lack of interest say about others? Or is it due to a lack of interest in mending textiles?

Also, if you are doing running repairs for people you do not know, to go into their homes could be a safety issue for both parties. However, when we made our offer we suggested meeting in a cafe, library etc

A penny for your thoughts.

Here is a podcast featuring us that may be of interest. We share the joys and the barriers to community repair.

Enterprise Essentials

I was thinking about the phrase ‘running repairs’ this weekend while marshaling at Wimpole parkrun (no virtue signalling intended). You know how some TV and radio programmes – To Hull and Back springs to mind – sound like they’ve thought of the title first and then developed the idea behind the title; well, this could be the case with the idea of Running Repairs.

The phrase combines two of my passions – getting free exercise and giving free fixes – which got me thinking… What if runners with relevant skills could be matched with local residents with things that needed fixing. This could be a lightbulb or fuse to be changed, a dripping tap, a button that needs sewing back on, a bike chain that needs adjusting, anything that needs lubricating, gluing or cleaning – the list goes on. It would be a free, non-emergency, accessible service, but only for…

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House of Straw

Rude Record

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Us RUDE Guys do not live in an eco-designed house.  It is an early 1970s glorified tent!  It has some features that are sort of ‘green’ like roofing insulation and energy efficient globes in our light fittings.  Some rooms have curtains that are lined, and we have outside awnings on the windows.

We do however strive to reduce our carbon footprint in other ways.  We reduce, reuse and repair.  We rarely travel preferring stay at home mending and making do.  We are wary of expensive products that are labelled/certified ‘green’, refusing to be green washed by The Man.

What we do admire is others who owner-build with sustainability in mind.  And we would not rule out buying an already built eco-house on a small parcel of land in some sleepy seaside town.  Time will tell when RUDE Boy retires later in 2018.

On the topic of sustainable…

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