Sew new bands onto your socks

“A fb group called journey to zero waste and journey to zero waste uk would love to see this.”  Alice / Textile Tatters+Rags

“I do the same thing with cuffs on sweat shirts.” Carolyn / Textile Tatters+Rags



I know most people would have chucked away these old work-issued bamboo socks but it was not going to happen on RUDE Girl’s watch.

Using the tops from RUDE Boy’s old socks that were worn or not being worn, I used these to replace the tops on good ones whose tops had lost their stretch.

The leftover textile will be re-used to polish my little collection of secondhand leather shoes and for other projects.

Also, if bands are okay and socks are not, I have been know to use the bands to lengthen the arms of my long sleeved tops or add a band to them.

Beat The ‘fast fashion’ Man and revamp your socks, if you can!

One thought on “Sew new bands onto your socks

  1. I now often use the phrase of ‘whats it worth’ instead of ‘is it worth it’. The ‘is it worth it’ is when things got so cheap, they became throwaway, whereas the whats it worth means for me whats it worth in terms of time (not buying) money (saved) and diverting from landfill by stretching out resources as well as the satisfaction of the repair.

    I do find these repairs and repurposing so always worthwhile. I have 2 15 year old duvet covers repaired with a large strip of fabric along the top (in a different colour) as the top was getting worn and full of rips – which means the cover will easily last another 10 or 15 years – and I like the updated look to them and that I did not have to go an search for nice cotton duvet (as well as which old cotton and linen improves with age)

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