The rise of the repairers!


RUDE Boy Danny fixed Trevor's lamp at Castlemaine Repair Cafe

RUDE Boy, Danny fixed Trevor’s vintage lamp at Castlemaine Repair Cafe

We RUDE Guys have been unwell with the dreaded lurgy and had been sitting in the medical clinic for 2 hours waiting to see a GP, a few nights ago, when this article came through on our phone via The Fifth Estate. And here it is again posted by Castlemaine Repair Cafe.  A timely reminder to blog to Rude Record.

It cheered us up no end to find out that Mend It, Australia had been given a mention at the end of the article, and to read about the repair and reuse of items at a time when we are being bombarded with the recycling crisis by the mainstream media. Recycling is no longer enough if we are to move to a circular economy.

And it takes subversive acts like community repair to raise awareness that the current linear economy has its flaws when it comes to ordinary people’s health and well being, their hip pockets and the planet.

It’s important to note that there are other community repair initiatives out there besides repair cafes. And that many of these will troubleshoot and try to fix small electrical household appliances. The repairing of potential e-waste is happening nearly every weekend of the year, and is achievable by competent repairers.

Rise up and repair your stuff.  When it comes to your fundamental right to repair you will need to be subversive to Beat The Man!

Castlemaine Repair Café

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Greetings, all! Yes, the next café is upon us, and to get us into the spirit, here’s a story of note that featured recently in The Fifth Estate: “The rise of the repairers is subversive… but excellent news”

In France, it is now a crime attracting up to two years jail for directors of companies that deliberately design products to have a reduced lifespan …

The transition to a circular economy needs a system-wide adjustment that designs out waste and pollution while maximising the longevity of products and materials …

The Rise of the repairers is subversive… but excellent news

Photo byCesar Carlevarino AragononUnsplash

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