Volunteering, Making A World Of Difference.

via Volunteering, Making A World Of Difference.

We are the RUDE Guys, at home tinkering about and aka Mend It, Australia when we are volunteering in communities around Victoria, at repair cafe events.

We woke up this morning to a photograph of us over on Gippsland Unwrapped’s blog [refer link at top of this blog post].  It was a pleasant surprise and lovely gesture to be featured in Tammy’s story of her volunteering, and the benefits of volunteering.

Danny and I choose to informally volunteer at repair cafe events because we retain control of our volunteering.  In other words there are no agreements or contracts to sign.  We like to keep our few hours volunteering each week, simple.  If we signed up formally, we would expect to be paid employees!

As Tammy wrote on volunteering, and we agree:

“It helps create communities of informed, inspired and committed people engaged in confronting the challenges facing humanity. “

And we know the joy expressed by Michelle Fisher, the coordinator of Melbourne Repair Cafe when she wrote the following to the repair cafe volunteers:

“Not only have you [volunteers] spread the art and skill of repair, helping people to maintain the things they cherish or find useful, but you greet every visitor (and each other) with such respect, kindness and good humour.”

Here is a video from Melbourne Repair Cafe which happened to be created by the guy in the photo below!



Image via Milpara Community House, Korumburra.  Original image via Melbourne Repair Cafe

“Beat The Man and refuse to be voluntold ~ volunteering our own way, is the way to go for us!” 
Kaz+Dan Ellis ~ Mend It, Australia


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