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Us RUDE Guys are future planners.  We have been planning, in some way or another, for decades both individually and together.  We openly discuss death, dying and advanced care planning.

This planning that we do, for these serious life and death matters, are important to us.  However, we enjoy planning around living in the present moment.  Each day we get up out of bed, and think about what we will do.  And then we plan for our day ahead.

We are anti-consumerists, therefore its necessary that we advanced care plan around the death of our useful objects, because we do not believe in shopping for new stuff, if we can care and maintain our old stuff.  We do not like spending time in shopping malls.  Strip shops can be a pleasant browse experience, however these are few and far between where we live.  We do not get satisfaction spending our hard earned cash on new stuff that we do not want or need.  And we know that the secondhand and older objects that we own have been much better made.

Today RUDE Girl has read two lovely articles on mending, which to us RUDE Guys is a form of advanced care planning for garments and other textiles.  The articles’ links are posted below.  These articles inspired me to feature two advanced care textile plans, created by me for two of my thinning vintage tea towels.


Pure Linen Vintage Tea Towel, backed with handkerchief cotton,  made in Czechoslovakia

The above tea towel was purchased, with a pile of others, in an opportunity shop a decade ago.  It has been in use all these years and the linen fabric is getting thin.  I decided to back it with white handkerchief cotton.  This advanced care textile plan was created to ensure that when further thinning of the fabric occurs, I can reinforce any areas with running stitch.

The two vintage linen tea towels below, from the same charity shop score, have been joined together with running stitch.  The linen fabric on both tea towels was also getting very thin.  With the two tea towels now stitched together as one, this tea towel is very absorbent when drying the dishes [we do not have an electric dishwasher].


Pure Linen Vintage Tea Towels, stitched together, made in Romania

Beat The Man ~ mending is better than ending and then spending