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Social media is changing the way we communicate and the way we are perceived, both positively and negatively. Every time you post a photo, or update your status, you are contributing to your own digital footprint and personal brand.  Amy Jo Martin


Brand is not a product, that’s for sure; it’s not one item. It’s an idea, it’s a theory, it’s a meaning, it’s how you carry yourself. It’s aspirational, it’s inspirational.  Kevin Plank

Us RUDE Guys have added a new concept to our brand that piggy backs off the ethos of Rude Record.  Mend It, Australia launches itself out in the community on the 10th February when we tinker travel, over an hour away from home, to volunteer at the Geelong Repair Cafe – Highton.

Our RUDE and Mend It branding reflects reducing consumption, reuse of available resources and the right to repair without interference.  Locally at Imagine Melton Zero Waste, we promote resource recovery and say no to landfill, preferring to champion alternatives, such as zero waste measures, like composting.

At Mend It, Australia Facebook page we showcase Australian and global mending, fixing and repairing events.  We post interest articles and videos about the mission to mend movement.  And most days, we also like to shout out about what we are reusing and repairing.  We hope our posts inspire our page followers to think twice before chucking things out and heading off to the mall to buy new.

As for this blog, RUDE Girl was writing a weekly blog post, however it looks like I will only be able to manage monthly/bimonthly this year, as we will be busy trekking around the countryside, participating in Repair Cafe events.

RUDE Boy has worked part-time for many years, as he is transitioning to retirement.  He has just told me he plans to fully retire this year in October [it’s not common knowledge yet, but who reads what I write anyways!]

We have been making some plans for this milestone forever really.  However, we started to focus more on it last year.  In 2017 we were involved in mending at Mend It, Melton [MIM] events in our local community but MIM did not work out for us.  Bureaucracy decided to take over and its reason for doing so failed to align with our Rude Record brand.   There are no more Mend It, Melton events in our local community, however I  still administrate the Facebook page here

Thanks to the bureaucratic meddling of Mend It, Melton, us RUDE Guys turned a rotten situation into a positive and voila, Mend It, Australia was created.  And our idea around flexible tinkering travel was born.

Stay posted for some stories back from our tinkering travels by following us daily on Rude Record or Mend It, Australia.


7 thoughts on “Mend It, Australia

  1. wow – best of luck ! so sorry to hear about the obstacles of Mend it Melton, crazy to think mending not encourages, but then again, crazy to think we have an ocean of plastic, fish eating it and people still using plastic bags and slurping take out coffee in those cups…

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    • Hi Eimear and thank you for sharing your thoughts. We appreciate your support all the way from Ireland!

      We are grateful to find out sooner rather than later, that the organisation we partnered with on Mend It, Melton, did not align with our brand. Initially it did and that’s why we initially teamed up.

      It went really well for many months, but then out of the blue, this organisation told us we had to register as formal volunteers for the ‘right to repair’ in our project and in our community. That was NOT going to happen.

      By all accounts this organisation will continue with mending events in our community under another name, and will only use registered volunteers to run it. We may visit it from time to time to say hello but we are NOT permitted to participate.


  2. I admire your commitment and tenacity. Here’s hoping mend it Australia goes well and that the beaurocrates keep their long noses out of it. I’m sure you will enjoy it and be much appreciated. Keep up the good work but don’t work too hard. I don’t know where you find the time for all you do, and I’m not surprised your blog will not be as frequent as you hoped. Your philosophy is quality not quantity after all.

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    • Hello there Sue!! Lovely to get your support from the UK. And thank you for your heartfelt words. There is one thing that we have is tinkering tenacity! Oh, I like those words Tinkering Tenacity. I will use them in a blog post.

      Unfortunately our country is very risk averse and therein lies the problem. Bureaucrats are now beholden to the insurance companies. It’s all about greed, fear and control. I think us RUDE Guys would be better suited to a repair shop in India!!

      We have listened to your advice about not working too hard. That’s partly why we decided to visit and participate in events that are organised by others. We realised that it’s not worth reinventing the wheel.

      As to how we find time to do all we do. We are a good team and do not bother too much with housework these days. Do not get me wrong, the house is clean just not pristine. We treat it like a studio and that lets us relax more. Life’s too short to dust!


  3. It’s amazing and disappointing how bureaucracy often sounds the death knell on informal-ish community-based projects. I really hope you get this thing off the ground, as a mender and maker, I am dismayed at the stuff that is discarded because it is “broken” when all it needs is a hand getting back to working order.
    My daughter is at least asking me to mend things for her (but at 19 is not interested in learning how, despite studying an eco/ conservation-based major at uni). I have found renting in a small development quite challenging in that sustainability is not something the landlord is interested in encouraging, it’s all just money, money, money 😦

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    • Hi jennyrecorder, lovely to get your comments and thoughts. Thank you for sharing and supporting ‘the cause’ We find it troubling that many of the bureaucrats making decisions for our local communities do NOT actually live or play in them. We chuckle at the thought of one of them asking us to fix something for them. It would not be wise to publish our response here.

      We are glad to read your daughter is at least approaching you to mend things for her. By you setting an example, she may come to mending in later years.

      It’s hard to find a community where every member is on the same page, in regards to sustainability. I am reading The Unsettlers by Mark Sundeen. The book highlights how even like-minded souls, in some of these sustainable communities, struggle to agree and work together.

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