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It probably comes as no surprise that RUDE Girl read Katherine Wilson’s book in a day.  What would have taken Katherine a couple of years, if not more to research and write, I was able to enjoy the fruits of her labour in less than eight hours.  It was an easy read for me because tinkering and tailoring are my passion.  And everything that was written, was pretty much what us RUDE Guys experience and more.  It was wonderful to have all the theory on tinkering [and there had not been that much, until now] in one place.

Katherine Wilson follows us on Facebook at Rude Record, and it was bittersweet when she commented that she wished she had met us, before she had written her book.  We will be here for her, when she returns to write the sequel, featuring a different lot of tinkerers.

This year we reached out into the community to share our tinkering skills.  In July our participation was ended by bureaucrats.  Yes, The Man was telling us we had to officially sign up as formal volunteers, in order to be able to tinker in a grassroots community program of our creating.

Of course, that was never going to happen.  And we recently found validation for our big fat NO WAY in the most unlikely of places.  In the book Jesus for President, its author Shane Claiborne writes,

“Jesus calls us to be peculiar but also engaged in the world we find ourselves in.  We are to be relevant nonconformists.  We are to develop countercultural habits and norms and live them in the midst of an insane world.”


The above quote from Jesus for President, inspired us to post this video below.  Some how we think that Jesus would approve of our radical stance, against our over governed and risk avoiding society, that’s now under the control of the insurance industry.

Organisations in our local area are in crisis mode after a cluster of avoidable baby deaths at the local State funded maternity hospital.  It appears to us, that since this tragedy, they are in a scramble to mitigate risk and are going overboard. 

The world has gone insane because governments, multinationals, insurance companies and local organisations are colluding to condition the masses, in an attempt to make them believe that they [the masses] will be protected and better off.   We are not buying it and in our opinion, it’s all about control of the masses, and making profits for the multinationals etc.

And when a local church run facility costs $40 per hour to hire a room, for our FREE three hour community mending event, you really are left questioning where are we heading as a society.

We were reading last night how Australian liberalism is at threat and we could not agree more with Peter Greste as follows:

“Australia likes to think of itself as a larrikan country, that country that calls a spade a f…ing shovel; straight talking, no bullshit kind of country that had maintained that sort of frontier spirit…..it feels like we’ve become incredibly bound up by rules and regulations….”

On page 250 of Tinkering: Australians Reinvent DIY Culture, it highlights that Keal, a state police prosecutor and recent migrant from the UK expressed contempt for Australia’s ‘risk avoiding over governed society’ , where Katherine Wilson, the book’s author wrote that Keal’s comments suggested a beating-of-the-system pride that characterised all the tinkerers interviewed for her book.

Or in Rude Record‘s words Beat The Man!!  Us RUDE Guys are committed tinkerers and we will continue to share what we do from our home [not totally controlled by Big Brother…. yet] via social media.

We have cars and will travel to spaces and places that promote and encourage us to connect and engage with our community, as Jesus did, hence the birth of Mend It, Australia – The Travelling Tinkerers.  We refuse to sign away our right to repair without interference, to large agencies or governments.

“Beat The Man and tinker travel.  The road is where you are free to help others and not become a slave to an unjust system, based on control and a lack of humanity.”



5 thoughts on “Tinkering Travellers

  1. A great article Karen. I only know what I read about Australia, but it sounds really bad. Volunteering is something I’m not involved in, so I can’t say what the rules are here, but I have noticed that there are now regular repair cafes here, and a large bartering group in Southampton. You’re quite right that we all need to stand out against control by governments and big business. I’ve always considered that the rights of the individual should come first, because the state or nation is just a lot if individuals. Take away our rights and you’ve got a dictatorship. Keep it coming and keep on with what you believe in.

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    • Thank you Sue. I said to Danny last night that I was not surprised you posted on this blog post. I know when I have posted before about Apple, and the right to repair, you have expressed strong opinions on ownership of product. It’s always reassuring to know you have the support [even from afar] of people when you take a stand.


  2. via Jacqui on my public Facebook timeline

    I’m so sick to the back teeth of all this bureaucracy swishing away all innovation and incentive. It makes for a very over regulated society and drains away all incentive to participate in our local communities


    • Our reply to Jacqui on my Facebook timeline

      Yes, sick and tired of what Danny labels as apathy. The bureaucrats are reactive to a crisis they have caused, and then seek to control those, like us, who are volunteering for a few hours on a small community project.

      The insurance industry is controlling the governments and the bureaucrats. The local bureaucrats. to regain some sense of their own control. start to control the community. Why do we bother? Because it’s our passion not theirs and we do not want toxic bureaucracy interfering in our private life.


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