Community repair: a pop-up alternative to the throwaway society


RUDE Girl mending the purple check flannelette shirt at Mend It, Melton on 8 April, 2017

Us RUDE Guys will head off to Mend It, Melton [MIM] this Saturday 13th May, 2017. We are collaborating with a local organisation to deliver our community’s unique model of mend and make do.

MIM was launched late last year, with a small mending event, at our local railway station in Melton, Victoria, Australia.  The event this weekend is our second for 2017.  MIM has scheduled monthly events up until the end of the year.

You can check out all about MIM and see the photos and videos on Facebook at

The re-blogged article below is recommended reading and validates why Rude Record is involved in the not-so-quiet repair revolution.  Beat The Man!!

Discard Studies

Image 20170413 25878 144f990

By Christine Cole, Nottingham Trent University and Alex Gnanapragasam, Nottingham Trent University

A not-so-quiet repair revolution is taking place in communities across Britain. Consumers, fed up with having to throw away broken phones, toasters and other appliances, are instead meeting to learn how to repair them and to extend the lifetime of their products. These repair “pop-up parties”, where like-minded people can improve or learn new skills in a supportive environment, can prevent still-useful products from ending up in the bin, while saving money.

Advances in technology and new applications, combined with faster product obsolescence, means that electrical and electronic equipment make up one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world. The growing demand for these products is also driving unprecedented levels of resource extraction to keep up with increased rates of manufacturing of everyday goods – something that the planet can hardly support.

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4 thoughts on “Community repair: a pop-up alternative to the throwaway society

    • Thank you Agy for your comment and thoughts. I too had a smile at the ‘pop up party’ title. It’s just awesome this mending movement that you, us and others have been flogging for years is starting to gain more momentum.


  1. via Jacqui on Facebook @ruderepair

    This weeks blog is really highlighting the success of much of yours and Danny work over the years. I’m so glad that you’re getting lots of interest in and around Melton for your collaboration with MIM.
    I love the idea of the Pop Up community repair workshop. I I’m thinking it could be something you could host with some collaboration from your followers. I’m offering my support up front if you would like to give it a try. I’m sure someone out there has a pop up marquee to lend for the day. We could have a sausage sizzle on your reclaimed BBQ and have rare old time. If it needs to be postponed because the weather is just horrible it wouldn’t matter if it’s all arranged on FB because it could be postponed to another day.
    Anyway, as usual I’m getting carried away as usual…. love everything you do guys, you should be proud..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Jacqui for your kind words of support and encouragement. You have been quietly supporting us behind the scenes. I know I have flagged some ideas with you, and this process has been helpful in getting Mend It, Melton’s pop-up events happening.

      If you ever want to establish a pop up Mend It, Mornington or Mend It, Martha’s Cove let us know. You and Gene could get the U3A down that way to auspice the events. Forgive me, now I am getting carried away!! xx


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