Rudassity is Badassity


RUDE Boy came into the bedroom whilst I was in bed snoozing yesterday morning, and says “have you read Money in The Age newspaper yet?”  He was keen to let me know there were two relevant articles for Rude Record.

Here is the link to the first article by Catherine Robson Financial Planner at Affinity Private

Our Rudassity Philosophy is pretty much the same as Mr Money Mustache’s [MMM] Badassity Philosophy.  However we are no match for  MMM,  because Peter Adeney is a frugal-living internet sensation, according to Financial Planner Catherine Robson .  And just a quick peak at his blog, tells us RUDE Guys he is a frugal-living celebrity!

We we are not internet celebrities but we do walk our talk.  RUDE Girl retired from part-time work at 52 and RUDE Boy could have retired at 56 but is enjoying a transition to retirement program or what we call our ‘money for jam’.

We are not much into advice from celebrities of any kind, and do not need to follow MMM’s tips.  We have been doing most of these tips for decades.  However MMM’s words of ‘Badassity’ wisdom [in all it’s amazing detail] are not to be ignored, that’s if you want to retire early and rich. He, like us RUDE Guys, is definitely ‘on the money’ due to spending less than he makes.

Us RUDE Guys enjoy writing our simple blog and sharing some little stories but unlike MMM, we prefer to stay away from ‘how to’ advice on anything.  Why?  Because there is so much of it out there.  And oftentimes it is presented well and worthy of note, like MMM’s blog, for example. 

We prefer to inspire and hopefully motivate by storytelling in short blog format with a few pics and maybe a vid.  No financial gain is desired by us, because we are virtual volunteers, who are happy to share our frugal experiences, for free.

However, like MMM us RUDE Guys are on a  global mission albeit a much smaller version to Peter Adeney’s, to hopefully make people think about consumption, and the lifestyle of liberation that frugality can offer up.

It’s funny because the last sentence in this article above states, ‘One DIY haircut at a time.’  That’s what RUDE Girl had planned after getting out of bed yesterday morning, for RUDE Boy to give my hair a trim.  Cost $0.  I make no money from paid employment these days, so I am not going to spend $50 on a trim.  Simple Rudassity economics.

And if your interested here’s the link below to the second article.  It ends with this sentence as follows:

“No one thinks that a house full of children’s toys is a sign of financial success, but that’s what many of us are unwittingly choosing.”

Us RUDE Guys have been to houses where grandparents also have toys galore for when the grandchildren visit or get minded.  We have also been to TIP SHOPS  with shelves and cots full of toys.

Beat The Man!!


2 thoughts on “Rudassity is Badassity

  1. Nice thoughts – I never really developed any extravagant tastes due in part to never having an income to match and also I delight in a more creative approach (ie – buying a ready meal when it takes less time to make something from scratch…). I decided to go part time some years ago and worked out what I needed to ‘survive’ – approx 220euro p.w which would cover everything and a small bit of spending money. To put this in perspective, if I was on social welfare, I would be earning more. I have lived rather comfortably on this, no holidays away, but I also went back sewing more so I see it as an overall gain. I think people are generally conned by ads into believing that certain material things are necessary – few things are – and if you can find who and what is really important to you, then you have struck gold.

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    • Thank you Eimear. Your insights are invaluable to our global frugal discussions. I worked out 220 euro is about AUD $313.50 per week. Australian pensioners [couple] who own their own home get $669 per week and have to live frugally due to the very high cost of living in Melbourne.

      Low rents in 2 bedroom units in outer suburbs are $250 per week, if not more! So if our pensioners do not own their own homes they really struggle.

      You are living very very frugally compared to us in Australia. Well done that you can live comfortably with enough.

      This article demonstrates that we live in one of the most expensive countries in the world. We now have a shrinking middle class that has shifted into a ‘working poor class’ like in the US.

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