Evan Biddell’s VVbyEB 81lb Challenge


“I think that if you do have a voice, and you see something wrong in the world as an artist, you have to point it out. It’s the only way it’s going to change.”

Evan Biddell ~ fashion designer

Check out the short promo in the link below, as Evan rocks the runway.  [longer versions of this video are at the end of this blog post]


Us RUDE Guys point out the wrongs of rampant fast fashion, by wearing our signature folly which is Scavenger Style.

We walk our talk and dress in the discards of others.  We have grown up wearing hand-me-downs and remade clothes.

For over a decade we have worn Scavenger Style 365 days of the year and 24/7.

95% of textiles can be recycled therefore we say NO WAY to landfill when it comes to our clothes and bed linens.

Stop buying it and beat The Man.  It’s the only way it stops!




Check out the 81 pound collection’s images below.



6 thoughts on “Evan Biddell’s VVbyEB 81lb Challenge

  1. From Jacqui, a regular follower of this blog who is having trouble posting the comment below to this blog post.

    I just love this Karen. I love it for all those people who are a #Haute #Couture fashion crazy.
    Me? Nah! I’m much more your #Earth #Mother crazy.

    I offer you a challenge (with the great love and respect for your work). I challenge you to a Catwalk fashion parade with recycled leather, cotton, linen, wool, rayon, ramie anything offered up from Mother Earth……. Thinking about this further maybe drop the leather as I’m also rather fond of animal rights…..

    Unlike you, we are not tall and slim and Haute Couture material. Me? I’m short, getting on and let’s say “pleasant looking” (I’m not into putting myself down).

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  2. this is a wonderful share, so inspiring – and the sentiment is perfect – I think making and ‘scavanging’ gets you to develop your own style more easily than store bought. really love this and will be revisiting this for the next while. I think what he says is so clear and succinct (which I am not when I try and explain the re-make) Thanks Karin

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  3. I love how fashion designers do this but then I sometimes think to myself, “What about the average person who cannot afford designer or haute couture?”. That’s where we come in! 🙂

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