Hawaii Six-O+


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“And what’s with the shirt? You think you’re in Fiji?”

“It’s like being on vacation. all of the time.”

Gerard Way, The Umbrella Academy, Vol. 2: Dallas

Us RUDE Guys grew up with the original Hawaii Five O TV series.  What a classic music theme too.  Quite frankly can’t remember it being associated with Hawaiian shirts but this style of shirt reminds RUDE Girl of the series.  Late last year, RUDE Girl viewed this couple on  Advanced Style’s blog.  I was inspired to get RUDE Boy who is a young 60+, a Hawaii Six-O+ shirt.

It took me until now to remember I had such a shirt in my fabric and garment stash.  It was rescued ages ago from the free textiles’ bin at a local charity store.  This Hawaii Six-O+ shirt is made in Fiji [close enough to Hawaii] and is cotton with a silk print.  It feels lovely and soft but it’s a large, and too big for RUDE Boy.

PS  He was not too sure about wearing it ‘out out’ other than to the beach, I assumed.  I politely but firmly suggested to him that I was not spending time tacking and sewing darts and altering seams, for a shirt to wear over togs to the beach.  And that I wanted him to look as spiffy as the guy from Sydney, who was featured with his wife, on the Advanced Style blog.  He quietly  replied, “Okay.”  He did say something under his breath about the guy featured on Advanced Style but I brushed over his sarcastic comment.

Images below:  The shirt is on inside out and pinned for alteration.  RUDE Boy is doing his Danno poses.

Here is a You Tube video that gives some idea of how to easily reduce the size of a Hawaiian shirt from large to medium.


5 thoughts on “Hawaii Six-O+

  1. Well I’m glad to see your in full force after the holiday break. I just love this rescue shirt. I think that Danny makes a very fine model.
    For the record l’m not sure which site your referring where you got your inspiration from.
    Welcome to 2017, and may it be a very good year for Rude Record
    Cheers to you both Jacqui

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  2. Hi Jacqui, just click on ‘this couple’ in the first paragraph and you will go to Advanced Style’s blog. I will be surprised if you do not know the site! You must have seen the Advanced Style documentary/movie. If not, please do so, it’s wonderful.

    We are back in full force blogging our little hearts out about our voluntary simple life and Beat The Man approach! Well, for the time being anyways. We have a guest blogger scheduled and hope you and Gene will blog about you new house later in the year.

    As always, thanks for your comment.


  3. RUDE boy makes a great Danny! Nice touch to hear music in video background.

    I understand your alteration Karen, but it might not be clear on video for non-sewers, exactly where your first tack line was (on side seam) “along here” …as the sleeve isn’t quite visible. Forgive me for pointing this out. 🙂


    • Thanks Amelia! We had a bit of fun making this video with the music. Us RUDE Guys prefer not to do ‘how to’ videos, and have mentioned this in the past. Our videos are intended to be more inspirational. For ‘how to’ videos there are lots on You Tube to source and refer to.

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      • Cheers Karen. I understand your point of view: and havn’t seen many of your other videos but this one is indeed good fun. I see your outlook now and its a good one, since you repurpose many things!

        I think I’ll try to focus on how-tos using text and photos, keeping records of projects, as I go.
        (so that focus was in my mind). I expect it will prove more challenging than imagined, once I get into details. You pose a good question for me: what will be the approach of a sewing blogger, what emphasis would be different. I’ll be working on these thoughts.
        All the best. 🙂

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