Virtual Gift Givers


The buying of Christmas presents runs counter to our RUDE values.   And going to the mall to shop for Christmas gifts is out of the question.

The above quote reflects Rude Record‘s sentiments +++, and what we have be doing together, for over a decade.

We were buying and giving recycled gifts, and still will for the grand-kids [something small, as they get so much stuff from others].  But this year we are giving virtual gifts to the adults.

What does RUDE mean by a virtual gift? 

RUDE Boy earlier this year converted lots of old VHS footage of family to digital format.  RUDE Girl has been converting the mpg files to avi files.  Then I am uploading these files to a movie making program for editing.  There is a LOT of editing OUT that’s required! CUT CUT CUT, YUK YUK YUK.   And the best bit of the process is being able to edit IN music, titles and captions.  YAY YAY YAY

These videos, saved to a private playlist on You Tube, will be given to family this Christmas.

1.These digital gifts will keep on giving for generations to come.
2.They can not be thrown into landfill.
3.And us RUDE Guys do not have to go shopping at the mall.

Three reasons [posterity, planet and pocket] to celebrate this festive season!

Below is a short video snippet from some 1983 family footage. It shows that RUDE Boy was into reuse and re-purposing over two decades ago. And that he also had hair!

I haven’t told him yet but there is more footage of him from this era.  It’s my gift to him for Christmas – a reminder that many Christmas ago, he was but, a young laddie.

And below, it’s only fair to RUDE Boy that I include my ‘pretty in polka dot polyester’ Christmas wish from 1994.

Create virtual gifts to give and beat the shopping crowds and The Man!!

Below are  links to two blog articles, of related interest, to this blog post.


4 thoughts on “Virtual Gift Givers

  1. These are brilliant Karen. I know what you mean about the gift giving. I don’t really engage it it much beyond my immediate family, and even then they tend to be practical and I hope thoughtful. When I do get gifts from others and have to stand my ground and not feel the need to reciprocate as I find that behaviour counter productive. I had a lovely chat with someone the last week on it – I was saying I find the christmas excess so overwhelming and how it seems to undermine the season of goodwill etc – and she tells me that she could never get into the whole shop thing for presents either and all as she tried and she batch bakes scones and they are her seasonal gift when she goes ‘visiting’. I thought this was so perfect!


  2. Very late reply this week so sorry. Congratulation are your further forays into the frugal minamilist lifestyle Karen. I like your two recommended links, but preaching to the converted here. However, it doesn’t hurt to have a reminder. I might post the links to a couple of people I know. One close to me who seems to have had an epiphany about money and its power to ruin lives. Cheer Karen, Jacqui


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