A Blogging 3rd Anniversary


These days, you have the option of staying home, blogging in your underwear, and not having your words mangled. I think I like the direction things are headed.
~ Marc Andreessen ~


Three years ago RUDE Girl wrote in our blog’s ‘About’ section. It’s a bit surreal. To think that I have been writing a blog post nearly every week for three years!  And I get to stay at home in my PJs or old comfy clothes, and do it! [refer quote above]

RUDE is personally against ‘mall mentality’ and therefore we avoid shopping malls. However, us RUDE Guys still live in the real world and choose carefully when and what to shop for. And therefore, we sometimes and begrudgingly, have to go to the local mall.

We have a fun time exploring ways of having nice ‘to us’ things without shopping in big box stores. And we are also keen to maintain and develop our resilience and resourcefulness, as opposed to handing over the home economics of our household to middle men.


Below images:  RUDE Girl’s ‘new to me’ summer wedges, rescued from the free bin, at a local charity store.


RUDE Girl’s current project ~ Knitting a bath mat with yarn made from recycled T-shirts


We DO BUY NEW and we consume services +++ however we are frugal when it comes to stuff and food. This is where we make our small difference to our pockets and the planet.

We know our lifestyle is not mainstream but it is certainly not as radical as buying nothing new for 12 months! We prefer to pace ourselves, and balance frugality with the need to spend up, when it’s required. We know we can spend up then because we have saved for a rainy day.

Our blog thus far, has helped us to keep focused on what is important to us. It is also our way of sharing with other like-minded souls.

Embrace Home Economics and Blog.  It builds community resilience. Beat The Man!



7 thoughts on “A Blogging 3rd Anniversary

    • Hi upsew….. I know exactly how you feel. I can’t understand the empty souls who try to fill their lives with “stuff” instead of creativity and love of life in the raw…Jacqui Wilson-Wilde

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  1. I’ll try and respond again my dear Karen my brain’s just so tired. I didn’t know you had been going for so long and I have to say that like everything you do you stick with it. I’m really looking forward to going over some of those old blogs and get some inspiration. (Which I’ve now found) LOL
    In the meantime I’m off for a nana nap. I’m exhausted. It’s been a very busy month. In no small part you are a lot to blame. I used to keep busy fiddling with my economy measures, but your influence has brought it to a whole new level. CHEERS TO YOU BOTH Jacqui

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    • Yes, persistence is my middle name Jacqui. I have enjoyed blogging very much. It provides me with a different sort of creative outlet that is very therapeutic. Similar to writing in a journal but with so many more options to play with. And the sharing bit of blogging is the best part. Thank you for following Rude Record.


  2. I agree with you Karen about being frugal on some things but then spending the money saved on other things. We are currently employing a builder down here to roof our deck in Tassie. This is a luxury for us as Michael normally does all our building jobs on the mainland. He is helping of course but with limited time and tools down here, we are lucky to be able to afford this type of luxury occasionally.

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    • Us RUDE Guys hope you are enjoying your Tassie hideaway. It will be nice to have a roof on your deck to protect from the elements further south. Enjoy the luxury of being able to outsource a big job.


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