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Doing what we can to repair the world was instilled in me from an early age. I will never forget my siblings and me knitting squares for blankets to be sent to the troops during World War II. This was an inspiration from my mother.

Charles Bronfman

RUDE Girl knits ~ but not really ~  hence the title of this blog post.  But I can knit knots and I am a bit of a knit wit when it comes to all things knitting related.

Some in my family could knit, and my sister even managed and owned a knitting shop in Rathdowne Street, Carlton in the late 1980s when Annyblatt yarns and patterns were all the rage!  My mother did not knit [she sewed] but she picked up my dropped stitches when I tried to knit.  My paternal grandmother apparently knitted but I never witnessed her knitting.   She was from Huddersfield, Yorkshire and worked in the knitting mills as a young girl.  

My sister Kim knitted a lovely mint green and off white dress for the birth of my daughter Rebecca.  I will always remember it.  It’s a pity that at that point in time,  I was not crafting and sewing.  I was incapable of fully appreciating the amount of love and effort that went into handcrafting the gift. But I do now, and I do remember how lovely the little frock was. 

I had a sister-in-law Diane [from my first marriage] who was an amazing knitter.  She was always knitting little jumpers for her daughter and her family.  Of course, I did appreciate all the knitted hand-me-downs that she passed my way, for my children to wear.  I wish I had shown more attention to her skill, at the time, but I was not in the crafting zone back then.

Myself, well I have knitted a couple of jumpers and scarves, in order to tick knitting off my list of things to do before I die.  In other words, no regrets on my death bed that I did not give knitting a fair go.

But here’s the up side of this blog post.  I actually get ‘all knit knotty’ when it comes to extreme knitting [refer image below].  Before it became trendy, I had already knitted RUDE Boy an acrylic yarn scarf on wooden spoon handles.  Why?  RUDE Girl was NOT going to buy wooden knitting needles when I could improvise!  He loves that scarf and wears it to work in winter. 


Knitting Spock ~ It’s only logical.  Source: Pinterest

Here is my extreme knitted bath mat with knots [refer images below].  I made the yarn from old T-shirts and knitted it up into this re-creation.  It makes me smile and I am keen to do anotherie.  I have more T-Shirts to make into yarn which is a start, however this bath mat was made on cricket stumps for knitting needles.  They were so heavy to hold!


A Knit Knot bath mat by RUDE Girl


RUDE Girl’s first attempt at extreme knitting using yarn recycled from old T-shirts

This morning I requested that RUDE Boy turn an embroidery frame, that I will never use, into a pair of knitting needles [left].  He had previously made me a smaller pair [right] from a smaller frame.  This design is far lighter.


Extreme knitting needles made by RUDE Boy from secondhand embroidery frames .  The cotton table runner was saved from landfill fate.

Beat The Man!  You will not be a  knit wit in the post-apocalyptic world, if you make your own knitting needles and yarn.


3 thoughts on “Knit Knot

    • Thanks for your comment Jacqui. RUDE Boy is a bit of a smarty pants, I agree. But he does have his limitations. He does not have a wood or a metal lathe. He says it would be nice to have either or both, but he has no room. He told me that he would get more use from a metal lathe, as he does have trade fitting and turning skills. He has a grinder and uses it a lot. Not ideal, but he shaped the points of these upcycled knitting needles using his grinder.

      Your weaving stick gift to me is beautiful. It has pride of place in a basket with all my other types of knitting needles. I am not weaving at the moment but it is there when I need to use it.


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