Shower Curtain Scenes

When I said I wanted a curtain for our shower recess, my husband replied, “Like in the movie Psycho?”  Karen Ellis / Blogger

After 15 days, RUDE has conquered!  We did it, re-tiled the shower recess and did some minor and frugal makeovers along the way.  Our journey was shared on Facebook @ruderepair.  We were keen to share what we were doing, to encourage and/or help others, who might be keen to give tiling or re-tiling a shower a go.  It also helped us stay on schedule, when encouraging comments, were posted.  We kept the mood light by pretending, to sort of be, contestants on The Block.

For a tradesperson to do this job, it would have cost $3,000 to $4,000.  We could have paid that amount, but RUDE Girl was really keen for RUDE Boy to give it a go.  He had never tiled before, so it was way out of his comfort zone.  I had all the faith in the world in his ability to do it.  And, I kept saying that if he/we failed, we could pay our son-in-law [another Danny] to come and help out.

I also was keen to have the job undertaken our way.  Tradespeople can be incredibly set in their thinking and way of doing a job.  I wanted us to do it the RUDE way, and not have to coax a tradie into, for example, using recycled materials.  For example, we had bought the grout a year ago in a TIP SHOP already mixed and in tubes!  We wanted to use it.  It cost $7.50 to grout the whole shower recess ~ no mixing up involved!

This project not only involved re-tiling the shower.  RUDE Boy has improved on the waterproofing of the shower cabinet using aquaboard and by applying three coats of a blue waterproof sealer [paint of sorts].

It was a great opportunity to inspect the hardwood frame of the bathroom walls and floors, and make sure there had been no water damage.  The water pipes required some fastening and shock absorption which were attended too, whilst the walls were removed.

We had decided we were going to replace the old gold framed screen with a shower curtain.  However, believe it or not, the rail fixture to attach the curtain to, was going to cost $100 or more.  It was fun to think of a way to make a rail up ourselves using some metal rod and plumbing fittings.  Total cost $17.

We replaced the old tap handles with similar ones from a TIP SHOP.  These just need a good old clean, and were soaked in water with two denture tablets.

Our shower curtain is a Mileno brand that we purchased for $18.  It was originally $29.  We knew it was not going to be long enough.  In the video below, I demonstrate how I made it longer, using a Husky brand jacket.

Our shower project’s total cost was $320.  Beat The Man and DIY, if you can!


3 thoughts on “Shower Curtain Scenes

  1. I’ve loved watching your shower revamp drama. It’s been a lesson in watching you watching Danny. But also I can relate to Danny’s determination and flexible skill set. Give him a job to do and he’ll work it out.
    I must also say that the outcome is a great piece of work. You probably wouldn’t get this from a professional.

    We know personally how much (well a small fortune) you can save from doing this yourself. But in reverence to Danny we are lucky to have such talented and obedient slave labour.


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  2. Thank you so much for your lovely comments Jacqui. You and Gene have been there and know what’s involved. I really do believe we have done this job to a high standard. RUDE Boy is very talented to figure out the tiling without too many dramas. RUDE Girl just added the sparkle to make him shine!


  3. What a fabulous job! Congratulations for working through it. You are so clever with the things you come up with. I never would’ve come up with this shower curtain lengthening idea. I believe RUDE Boy can do anything. You must be so happy with the outcome, nevermind the amount of money you’ve saved by the DIY tiling.

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