Rubbish Films


RUDE Boy is into Day 7 of our shower recess re-tiling.  We have never DIY tiled before, so it’s a stressful home improvement project for us.  We are both relieved we are not revamping the entire bathroom!  You can view our daily antics over on our Facebook blog @ruderepair

Meanwhile, us RUDE Guys talk rubbish all the time.  We are interested in trash talk and subscribe to various websites and Facebook pages related to the topic.  We administrate our city’s only zero waste blog [that we know of] on Facebook @zerowastemelton

We have watched a couple of documentaries on landfills, and the people that scavenge on them.  And we are waiting to view a couple more in due course.  Please let us know if you have seen this doco titled Something Better to Come.  And if yes, what you thought.


Below, are a few movies we are keen to view.  Let us know if you have watched any of these movies, and what you thought.

WALL-E [2008]

GARBAGE [2013]

TRASH [2014]

You can find more movies about waste here.

Beat The Man and don’t overlook the trash can!


2 thoughts on “Rubbish Films

  1. Thanks for all the links. Can’t wait to check them out. Scavenging landfills here where I live is illegal. Hope your tiling project isn’t too stressful. Mr. Restyle has just finished tiling the floor in ours. He has just the grouting left to do so I can totally relate.

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  2. You’re welcome Vee and thanks for your comment. The tiling and shower improvement project took 15 days but not full days. It was great to finally have my first shower in over a fortnight, last night. Not too stressful, just out of our daily routine. We look forward to seeing your photos of your tiling in due course. I am posting the final video, to our shower recess makeover, here on our blog, today.

    We watched the movie Trash, and enjoyed it. The next one to watch for us is Wall-E.


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