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‘Our signature folly is Scavenger Style’ ~ Rude Record

RUDE Girl just has to share all these images, I have been collecting of on-trend fashion, that is readily available at Aussie TIP SHOPS, that sell recycled textiles.

You will probably not even find most of this ‘trashion’ [or scavenger style, as RUDE calls it] in charity stores, because the volunteers are told to discard worn and/or ripped garments, into the recycled textile bags, for collection and downcycling.  Well, I have never seen ripped jeans in op shops in Australia, unless things have changed.

Anyways, these celebrity looks featured below are easy to get, for next to no cost.  That’s if you dare to venture out to a recycling transfer station, and then go inside the TIP SHOP there [if, of course, it has such a TIP SHOP shed on-site].



M Magazine:  September 11, 2016 pg 4 ~  When Trends Attack


RUDE Girl’s $2 military punk style boots


M Magazine: Denim is Back ~ September 18, 2016 pg 4


December 17, 2013 ~ RUDE Girl was way ahead of this current trend, featured in the above image.  Jeans rescued from landfill fate were to small.  Added in a yellow piece, from another pair of jeans, which were too small and also from a TIP SHOP.


M Magazine October 2, 2016 ~ Underwear As Outerwear


M Magazine:  September 11, 2016 pg 4 ~  When Trends Attack

The designer slip, in the above image, was $1 and will look pretty as a top with jeans or a skirt this summer.


Above image:  M Magazine September 25, 2016 ~ Keeping It On The Level ~ Granny look garments are plentiful at TIP SHOPS.  The secret is knowing how to pull the style together like Reese.


Sunday Style Magazine ~ Just get a cotton shirt from a TIP SHOP,  and rip the collar off it, for this look. EASY, hey!

Beat The Man to the recycled clothes at the TIP SHOP!  Worn and torn really is the look [apparently], and it’s super affordable to achieve!


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