Wedding Wise


RUDE Guys like to be wise when it comes to weddings.  We did not get too carried away, with the spending, when we married.  I borrowed my dress.  The wedding, including the celebrant at $450, cost us under $1,000.

Likewise, when it comes to other people’s weddings, family included – we are not into throwing money at them.  We really do walk the talk, when it comes to reducing our consumption, even for special events!

For RUDE Boys niece’s wedding it was formal dress.  In the olden days, formal to RUDE girl required a long gown for her and dinner suit for him.  Times have changed, and it would appear people wear what they want.

Anyways, us RUDIES, whilst thinking we were doing the ‘right’ formal dress code thing, ended up looking like we stepped out of 1973.  I wore a long evening skirt and RUDE Boy wore his beautiful vintage Fletcher Jones dinner suit. 

We reckon we scrubbed up okay for minimal outlay, and looked just as spiffy as any other wedding guest.

Be wedding wise and Beat The Man!

Here’s the link to the video showcasing our scavenger style wedding outfits from top to toe.


2 thoughts on “Wedding Wise

    • Hello Pamela and thank you for your lovely comments. Yes, RUDE Boy just goes with the flow and doesn’t mind being my fall guy. We found each other, when we both arranged to meet up for a coffee, one afternoon, on the recommendation of friends.

      The wedding was lovely, and we had a good time. However, a late night and early morning is hard to recover from.


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