Guest’s Show & Tell



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This week RUDE Girl has succumbed to the dreaded lurgy.  I am confined to bed, do not have much energy, and thought the best way to post, was to get a friend to help out.

Jacqui, who wrote this blog post for RUDE, agreed to help out this week and showcase her Kantha inspired woollen ‘snuggle rug’.  Thanks so much for coming to my rescue.

Jacqui is a member of my Kantha Facebook group here.  And as you will gather, she is very enthusiastic about Kantha.  In the piece showcased below, she even uses pliers to pull the needle and thread through the layers of fabric!

These are images of Jacqui’s, not quite finished, Kantha for a cold climate. It is a rescued old woollen blanket, batting and cotton backing.  She has used embroidery wool, crochet cotton, and a few beads from her stash.  No money was harmed in this winter throw!

RUDE Girl is in awe of Jacqui’s Kantha piece, because it would not be easy to manipulate by hand, due to its size and bulk.

Beat The Man and collaborate with like-minded souls!


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