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RUDE Girl finally got around to making a gif file.  It was a bit of a creative thrill for me to do it [I am far from a techo geek] and to have moving photos [literally] of me, felt like I have been remade in another format [nothing like a good makeover, right?]  Forget airbrushing, just get a bunch of photos, flip through them fast and all those wrinkles are hard to spot!

Seriously, today there is no time to waste, so I have had to gif up….whoops I mean giddy up.  My slow living life has fastened up just like a gif file.

Tomorrow we are off to two events in one day.  Yikes!! 

My alma mater Pascoe Vale Girls’ High School, is celebrating 60 years of educating young women.  I am not sure what formal secondary education taught me to be frank, but I am grateful for any teachings given at school or in life, that I have made opportunities of.  I am in touch, via Facebook, with my best friend Wendy from high school.  We share some fond memories of our school days.

Which reminds me, I must revisit the school song today.  It just might be up for a rap rendition by me.  Watch this space.

I was also thinking that my alma mater should also be celebrating 60 years of not succumbing to housing development, like my brother’s alma mater Oak Park High School!  Well done Paco Girls!!


Pascoe Vale Secondary College, Melbourne, Australia.


In the afternoon we are off to a wedding.  In true RUDE Girl scavenger style, my outfit had to be created, by me, from secondhand garments.  Over on Facebook at Rude Record I have posted glimpses of what glad rags I will be wearing.  Scavenger style is RUDE’S political and economic statement, and we do walk its talk, even into wedding events!  Every expense is spared, and the more formal occasion the greater the creative challenge too.

Stay posted, with more photos, videos and gifs to come, from tomorrow’s celebrations!

Below is a giffy of RUDE Girl in a vintage Esprit chocolate brown pure woollen cardigan, that has had a simple revamp.  The blue fulled woollen fabric came from another Esprit polo neck jumper, and the pink fulled wool fabric from a Seed brand children’s cardigan.

Next week, I hope to post a video, to my You Tube playlist, at Rude Record ~ Sewing of this cardie jacket being created. 

In the meanwhile, it’s time to go back to school, to a wedding and to go Beat the Man!




5 thoughts on “Gif Girl

  1. I sent this post to my alma mater and received this lovely reply.

    Dear Karen
    We are looking forward to meeting former students also. See you tomorrow.

    Jan Campione

    Janice Campione
    Assistant Principal
    Pascoe Vale Girls College


  2. Well I’ve no idea what a gif is but I’m sure it will become clearer as we continue to see what you post. I hope your reunion at Pascoe Vale school for young ladies is a happy one. I look for ward to seeing the wedding outfit. It all sound very promising.
    Such a social butterfly… must be all those remarkable outfits you create from nothing. I saw an author on ABC The Drum. Her remarks were very interesting as she described money as an abstract of no value. Yet this money thing seems to dominate the world both financially and politically.
    You’ve learnt this, so your ready for the melt down which her novel describes. The book sound Orwellian in its predictions Rude Girl.

    Your an inspiration to us all.

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    • Thank you Jacqui for your comments and information. I do hope to showcase the wedding outfit in due course. I have a video of it to share. The book you speak of is The Mandibles, right? I must read it.


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