Perks of Ponder


If you give people nothingness, they can ponder what can be achieved from that nothingness.

Tadao Ando

But, when the work was finished, the Craftsman kept wishing that there were someone to ponder the plan of so great a work, to love its beauty, and to wonder at its vastness.

Giovanni Pico della Mirandola

For RUDE the perks of our ponderings mostly arise from our frugal lifestyle.  The happiness of what we do and share,  to be able to create with our hands and spend large chunks of time at home, the inspiration that we get from social media and elsewhere, to name a few, are some of our perks.

Before RUDE Girl writes this weekly blog post, I do a few hours of pondering.  It is never planned, just pondered.  All sorts of ideas come into my head during the morning.  And then without much thought, I start to write about nothing much that turns into something eventually.  I like the challenge of what is reflected in Ando’s quote above.  And that’s achieving from nothingness with a good old ponder.

I also ponder about busy people I know.  Do they have the time to ponder?  I am grateful that I have a lot of time to ponder, and mostly it’s about sharing what we do, in interesting and creative ways.   What have I been pondering of late?

RUDE has a wedding to attend this month and the dress is formal.  When you stay at home most of your clothes are casual.  Whilst I have a few formal outfits, it’s a creative exercise for me, to attempt to curate a new outfit from nothingness or not much at all.

I started pondering about a ‘new to me’ secondhand outfit, after coming across this image.  The look is not me but there is something about it.



What is it that speaks to me?  The black sheer blouse, and what I thought was a skirt but are palazzo pants, made me ponder.  And from my ponderings came a desire to find a black see-through blouse, for next to nothing, and in a short time frame.  As if!!

I am not so keen on the high waist palazzo pants, let alone sequins, so I will more than likely wear a skirt from my vintage collection.

But to find a sheer black blouse was in the back of my mind but certainly not in the front of it.  RUDE Boy and I were out grocery shopping and decided to look on the $1 racks outside a charity shop.  I was not much in the mood, and most of the garments were pretty ordinary.

I had finished  looking at one rack, and was not going to look at the clothes on the other rack.  However, I decided to look just in case I found a diamond in the rough.  And lo and behold, yes, you guessed it!  There was my black sheer blouse!  And it was sunray pleated for goodness sake!



A Very Very brand black sheer blouse


AND, get a load of this Very Very information here

Sometimes the universe has a wonderful way of listening to our ponderings and providing very very nice surprises.  The charity shop had marked down my Very Very blouse from $6 to $1.  I could hardly breathe when we found each other.  And now knowing that it is designed and made in Australia, I am gobsmacked.

Beat The Man by embracing the perks of pondering!



M Magazine Sunday Age August 21, 2016


6 thoughts on “Perks of Ponder

  1. Thanks for your comment Yvonne. An eye popping surprise for sure! I was not hopeful I would find such a blouse in the shop, let alone on a rack on the pavement. And I rarely expect price reductions to be given by op shops these days. It was my lucky day!


  2. Well I do look forward to the final outfit. There is nothing better than finding just what we need when we least expect it.
    There is also nothing more rewarding than making something from nothing. This sounds like a contradiction in terms but it’s possible… I know…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jacqui, I look forward to posting the final outfit [yes, I will be wearing something under the sheer blouse] and RUDE Boy in his amazing $45 vintage Fletcher Jones suit. By the way, did you find your Gene a suit?


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