Subtle Disruptor

Simple definition of disrupt

to cause (something) to be unable to continue in the normal way : to interrupt the normal progress or activity of (something)

RUDE Girl believes, that for well over a decade, I have been interrupting the course of consumerism by refusing to shop for stuff in malls.  All my life, I have not been a great shopper.  I prefer to save my money for experiences and services.


RUDE Girl in 2015 volunteering at a community sewing group

There is some anecdotal evidence that a few people [already with like-minded tendencies] are being influenced by my efforts to disrupt normal progress when it comes to consumerism.

This week I talk and share with Adam Murray from Subtle Disruptors about my frugal life on the fringe of Melbourne’s outer suburb Melton and why.

And how with social media, [mostly via Facebook and WordPress] Rude Record is voluntarily sharing tips on reuse and repair of things and why.

Here is the photo of my studio where I was interviewed for Subtle Disruptors.  I hope you will tune in to the podcast this week.

Beat The Suburban Mall!


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