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We are material creatures who spend much of our lives on material pursuits (even building a cathedral or writing a novel requires stone and mortar or paper and ink). Virginia Postrel

The digital age has made nearly all of us ‘publishers’ of content, making most of us writer in ways that, a decade or so ago, did not exist.  Tara Moss


RUDE Girl’s most favourite quote

It’s pleasing to know we are in the company of greats like Shakespeare!!  RUDE lives to explore what can be reused, not just from our dustbin but others’ dustbins and skips as well.  RUDE Girl writes about our ways with potential and discarded waste, most days.

RUDE likes the notion of promoting simple reuse of everyday things, compared to fancy upcycling of stuff.  The more grassroots, make do and mend a project is, the more our senses are excited, by the rescuing and revamping of the mundane.

This week over on Facebook @ruderepair, I was inspired to make dishcloths from an old beach towel.  And, I was also inspired by a follower and friend Jacqui, to add sleeves from a garment to a pair of long johns. 

Below are the links to these two videos, if you have not already seen them.



I guess the will to make use of what is already at hand, is very strong for RUDE.  We do not want too much more stuff in our lives, but we certainly want to reuse, care for and maintain what we have.

RUDE had a visit recently from Sue, a follower and friend, who highlighted that she loved reading what RUDE Girl was writing about.  She suggested there may be a book in it! She liked the human element of what RUDE showcased on a daily basis.

Sue was not interested in blogs with statistics and lots of text to wade through.  RUDE Girl studied statistics at university for a year.  I was very good at the subject BUT the last thing I want to be including in my creative writing musing is stats!

By writing stories about, and showcasing examples of, the wealth making possibilities in waste, RUDE hopes to inspire and/or encourage others to Beat The Man!


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4 thoughts on “Waste Writer

  1. Sharing via GA on Facebook as follows:

    Well, Karen, didn’t I suggest a book when I first came across you and Bowerbirds Journal? I don’t always get to read your RUDE blogs right away and usually am in catch-up mode, but seeing Sue’s comment this morning (just got up here!) has struck a chord. It’s been a while now, and you’ve recorded so so many great examples of how you and Danny live and inspired a lot of people, but I wonder if a book would reach an even wider audience. Loads of people don’t do the internet or Facebook but do still love books and, more than ever, magazines. Yes, maybe you could have a regular RUDE feature in one of the glossies or one of the green mags, based on your blogs, and spread the message to those whose consciousness hasn’t quite been raised yet or who don’t have the imagination to do the sort of creative stuff-saving stuff that you do.

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  2. Thank you GA for taking the time to comment and share your thoughts. I know you did say write a book right from the very start, and I did think of you when Sue, my friend and RUDE follower, said the same thing.

    I love the idea of writing a book on frugality from a RUDE perspective. Maybe, I would be engaged, if someone in the publishing world approached me directly, and said you write the content and we will do the images and this is how it will be set out.

    If that happened, I might seriously consider it but RUDE Girl is not keen on doing all the initial leg work. I love being retired and unconstrained. My virtual volunteering on social media both on this blog and on Facebook gives me joy.


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