Pet Peeves’ Purge

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I was a pedantic child. I’d get really annoyed at the logic of small things that don’t bother anyone else. Peter Baynham

Yes, RUDE have their fair share of pet peeves when it comes to social media and blogging.  Well RUDE Girl does, and well, RUDE Boy hears all about it. 

Please, do not get me wrong.  I am on social media [Facebook] a lot, and most of my experiences are wonderful.  And I blog here and it gives me such joy to share.  What could I possibly be peeved about, you ask?  Good, because I need to debrief and hopefully some of you will listen and/or relate.

Peeve A

Naively perhaps, I just found out on social media that some people really do think they, and they alone, champion a specific cause.  And that there are NO other people doing what they do.  Hello!!  Really?  Well RUDE does not believe them.  And does not want to follow their hubris.

We follow bloggers [and Facebook pages] who mostly do the same thing as RUDE, but in their own unique ways.  For example, RUDE blogs about our frugal lifestyle, as do hundreds of other people. 

There is nothing much new about frugality, reuse and repair.  But one would hope that  RUDE, with our Beat The Man message, showcases a point of difference to other frugal bloggers.  And that this uniqueness makes us champions of frugality, along with all the other champions of the frugal cause.


Peeve B

Bloggers who are into telling you how many people are following their blogs, how many hits they’ve had in the last thirty minutes, how many times they’ve had s.. whoops getting too carried away with my peeving.  You get my drift, right?

RUDE is keen to read good content, not look at figures.  Tell us where the number of followers bloggers have, is an indication they are great bloggers.  There are many variables to factor in to that research project.


We get it, that some people may be peeved by our Beat the Man approach to living.  It can appear rebellious, maybe even divisive at times, like now.  Oh dear, forgive me if my peeving offends.  Please share any on-line pet peeves you may have.

Today on Facebook @ruderepair I posted about another RUDE Girl peeve [no community sheds for women].  Check out how Australian women are now rallying to establish community women’s sheds, similar to the men’s sheds



One thought on “Pet Peeves’ Purge

  1. Thank you to TM on another group for her heartfelt comment to our blog post. I sought permission to share her insight here because we think it reflects what RUDE’S goal is all about. That is to volunteer our experiences and knowledge in the hope that interested others may benefit in some way. And yes, we benefit too by making the connections and learning from our followers and likers. Here is what TM wrote as follows:

    Does the soul good to vent when peeved. I read your blog and I think as in every sphere of life there are those who spruik and compare and want to be the best. And like everything else from charities to NFPs and bloggers there will always be those who turn whatever…to personal advantage.

    Whereas you Rude, I believe, blog to share and learn. And connect people. Whilst there are many recyclers, menders, sustainability proponents blogging its just a case of what appeals to people and those who get a whiff of self interest are soon turned off.

    Its all about shared knowledge these days and if we are to survive the challenges facing the world, the earth, any possibility of a future for our grand children … I think we need to forget individualism and acknowledge that we need to share both knowledge and resources in this new world.


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