Slow Sewing



RUDE Girl slow stitching in her studio


RUDE lives a slow lifestyle.  We are engaged in slow cooking at home.  We wear slow fashion.  We are slow and steady, not fast and busy.  We are both homebodies.  We hibernate at home during winter.  Home is where our hearts are.

RUDE Girl is adding slow sewing to the Slow Movement (culture) wikipedia list.  I remember when I bought my first sewing machine in the 1980s.  It was a considered purchase, but when I started to sew, I did not take the time to get to know the machine.  It was a basic model, but it did have some functions, that quite frankly I was too busy to bother learning about.

I could not find a quote for slow sewing, so I created my own as follows:

‘Slow sewing on my sewing machine makes me appreciate feet – the zipper foot, the darning foot and the zig zag foot’ 

When I purchased my first sewing machine, a no frills Janome, my aim was to save money, and learn how to sew evening frocks.  These dresses were made to wear to weddings and other celebrations.  I also made skirts, shirts and jackets to wear to work.  I was not mindful, I just wanted to cut out the fabric using a pattern, and make up an outfit, pronto!

For RUDE, 2016 is a year we are keen to focus on repair, fixing and mending.  After  decades of reuse, we have enough stuff.  However, our secondhand things have to be maintained and sometimes repaired.  Pre-loved clothing rescued from landfill, will almost always require mending and reinventing.

RUDE Girl has embraced slow stitching with my addiction to boro most evident.  And it was time to slow down, and finally get to know my sewing machines.  On my bucket list [in the ‘little things to achieve’ section] was to machine darn and sew on a button using a sewing machine [photos below].  Hence, this post’s title Slow Sewing.  There was no garment to make or revamp, I just slowed down and gave myself the time to play and learn these two skills.

Here is the video of the pink towel being machine darned.

Hibernating in winter, in the RUDE home is always filled with creative wonder.  It’s like in childhood, when you go exploring and learning new things.  RUDE is always inspired to make and learn with what we have on-hand, right here at home.

Beat The Man and join the slow movement!


6 thoughts on “Slow Sewing

  1. wow – I am v impressed, I have never sewn a button on with the machine, I can be rather messy when I sew, so I often think I would be more accurate by hand. lovely big window space you have…. natural light such an assist!

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    • Eimear please forgive my belated reply. I have no idea how i missed your comment. I get notifications and always like to reply. Thank you for commenting. My sewing room is a lovely space. Quite a few people have commented on its homely feel.

      Liked by 1 person

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