Darn Day


I grow old learning something new every day. Solon

RUDE Girl spent years believing creating things was for other people with artistic talents.  I watched my mother sew out of necessity, not joy.  I did not like a sewing teacher at high school, and remember a lime green gaberdine skirt that was never finished or worn.  I cannot remember getting any help with it at school or at home. 

However, I can remember making my home economics apron and cap.  I guess I learned some hand and embroidery stitching making these items.


Home Economics students at Pascoe Vale Girls High School, Melbourne, Australia.  Students would make their apron and cap the year before commencing home eco studies.  Image: Courtesy of the PVGHS Facebook Group

My senior school years were filled with English, maths, language and science subjects.  I went into professions that were not related to the creative arts.  There are no regrets and many benefits, however now it is time for me to use my hands to make, maintain and/or repair.

Maybe it is being around RUDE Boy that has brought out in me my need to make. He goes to his shed to tinker, and I want to go to my studio to tailor [of sorts].   Or maybe it is just my time to move from healing hands [nurse, wife, mother] to creative hands.

Whatever it is, there is a pull to create and it is very strong.  Gosh, it may even be the realisation of my own mortality, and wanting to leave a legacy [i.e. the gifting of RUDE Boy’s sashiko jeans to a museum of 21st century oddities]

Last week I decided to teach myself machine darning.  I had never tried it before.  And with all the repair and mending I am embracing, it was time to stop procrastinating and darn well do it!  So, as this blog’s title suggests, I had a darn day.  And of course, I was keen to share my experiences.  Here is the link to the darn video.


Snapshot 2 (22-04-2016 1-08 PM).jpg

Beat The Man and darn well believe you can!


6 thoughts on “Darn Day

  1. I dont darn that often, but 30 (yup 30) years ago I bought a pair of amazing wool socks from a seconds shop that had a hole in one of them, they were purple and a curious loop doubleknit inside which made them incredibly thick and warm. I darned them with pink embroidery thread. they were also too big for me (size9-11) so I used them as occasional slipper socks for 20 years as they were so cosy. My partner J started using them 10 years ago and they now his, and they are still good, and they have never needed a repair since. I love the way darning and mends adds to the story of much loved items.

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    • I would love a vintage Bernina Linda. I was unpicking an area on a garment yesterday and a hole resulted. Whoops! But my new found skill of darning with a sewing machine came to the rescue. You’re right, a great function!!

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  2. That seems so intimidating to me. LOL. I like that you’ve tried something new. I think that’s great! I can darn socks by hand. That’s about the extent I’d ever go, but embroidery sounds like fun!

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  3. Hi Vee, yes there are a lot of machine embroiderers on-line sharing their beautiful creations. I am in awe of your darning socks skill. Love that you can do it! The machine darning is easy if one studies their machine manual. Used the function on a hole I made yesterday whilst unpicking an elastic waistband. Fixed up in no time!


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