Levis Love



RUDE Girl is shaping RUDE Boy’s Levis for what’s to come.  It’s a radical act to stitch and to wear repaired vintage secondhand jeans.  It makes a statement that RUDE strives to Beat The Man.


Really, what are the options? Levi’s or Wranglers. And you just pick one. It’s one of those life choices. Harrison Ford

RUDE Boy is a Levis man but he also wears other brands.  All of his denim duds are secondhand.  Many purchased decades ago when charity shops had quality stock in his size.  These days he does not have much luck sourcing pre-loved denim jeans but that could be because we rarely frequent charity stores. 

Wearing worn in denim is definitely on trend and big business.  People pay good money to source pre-loved quality brand jeans.  Of course, RUDE never pays much money for anything, and prefers to seek out our own worn threads.  However, as I mentioned it is getting harder to do so. 

This post is to showcase RUDE Girl’s mission to keep RUDE Boy’s pre-loved vintage Levis living on forever.  Yes, forever!  Hopefully one day they will be featured, as an oddity for their time, in a museum. 

I have been sashiko stitching and patching some of RUDE Boy’s Levi jeans over the past 12-18 months.  It’s a labour of love because it takes a long time to stitch and patch not just holes but over thinning areas.  I am reinforcing intact denim with denim, and then using a reverse boro technique, where the patches are mostly on the inside of the jeans.  Much of the stitching and patching is preventative work in an attempt to save on hole repair in the future.

I have labelled each pair of Levis I am mending with a hashtag.  I am currently sashiko stitching #3 Levis.  #1 Levis are featured in this video that was posted to You Tube yesterday.


Here are some photos of #2 Levis and #3 Levis below.  Click on grid images below to get an explanation.


#2 Levis [unfinished] being displayed at Southern Cross Railway Station, Melbourne.

Beat the Man by shaping what’s to come in unique and creative ways.  And add a bucket load of love for good measure!


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