Shoe Shine Story


A scuffed up shoe on the red carpet or at a big premiere is never okay! It can really alter the vibe of a trendy look. Brad Goreski

RUDE Girl has a confession to make.  I have always enjoyed cleaning shoes.  My school shoes were cleaned and polished ever night.  I am sure it had something to do with my mother’s obsession with clean shoes.  But I also had a liking for the methodical task.  And, I was always keen to care for my things as well.

I have never liked the scruffy shoes’ look, let alone the ‘cheap’ scruffy shoes’ look.  In my opinion [and in the quote above] it can destroy any attempts to look stylish.

Recently, I have been getting more involved in the art of mending and repair.  What came to light recently, was the importance of polishing shoes to detect any issues with them.  In other words, if you are not regularly caring for your shoes, like cleaning or polishing them, you may miss signs of wear and tear.


My shoe shine tub with all sorts of nuggets, brushes and polishing clothes.  Leather shoes are all rescued from landfill fate.  The two front pairs of shoes have been repaired by the shoe repair man.  These shoes are vintage and have been made in New Zealand, USA and Italy.

The same thing occurred to me when ironing for the first time in many months.  I noticed buttons on shirts were loose, and there was a hole in a shirt.  If I had not ironed these clothes, I may not have spotted the problems.

Whether it’s shoes or garments, wear and tear that’s addressed immediately will be a lot easier and oftentimes cheaper to fix. 

The other day, I thought it time to clean some black leather shoes.  Before I knew it, I was cleaning all my shoes and boots.  I was able to audit the wear and tear and assess whether new heel pads were required.


My shoes are stored in a small hall cupboard, near the front door.  Once I started pulling shoes out for cleaning, I realised that there were those I was not going to wear.  These went into the charity donation box.  It was another de-cluttering job out of the way!  I was actually amazed at the quality of shoes and boots I have been able to rescue from landfill fate over the years. 

Beat The Man by caring for your shoes, and cleaning and repairing them ASAP!



4 thoughts on “Shoe Shine Story

  1. ditto on cleaning shoes – I like to polish mine (but not with the same regularity as they used be done when I was a child – all the shoes of the house lined up on newspaper on a saturday night!). I use regular polish and brush on my black boots, and use dubbins on a lot of the others – its an amazing wax for all leather goods and it doesnt require a polish, so james’s shoes and hiking boots get dubbins ….

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    • Hi Eimear, not sure why many of your comments have not come via a notification to me. Oh well, better late than never with my reply. RUDE Boy uses Dubbins for his work boots. Like you, I do not clean my shoes every day and there is no need to either.

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  2. Ah yes. The lost art of shoe shining versus throwing stuff away just because of some dirt. Greats points here. Something I discovered recently while attempting to clean shoes that have white “parts” are the Mr. Clean magic erasers. They’re fabulous and have saved at least a few pairs rescued from thrift shops.

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  3. Hi Vee, lovely to get your comment. I guess with beautiful leather you can really shine it with products. Cheap plastic shoes are a challenge. I have wiped them over with a damp cloth but it’s not the same. And they never last the distance, and therefore, I really rescue them secondhand. Thanks for your tip on the Mr.Clean magic erasers. I have been known to use black Sharpies.


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