Well Boro Me




Image ‘boroed’ from football via @ www.theboydonegood.com


Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience. Ralph Waldo Emerson


A quick Friday blog post from RUDE today with a video and photos.  RUDE Girl has finally finished the boro on RUDE Boy’s #3 Levi’s. 

This project was a labour of Levi’s love over 5-6 months.  It has been worth every stitch to keep these vintage jeans out of landfill.

Should any person ever call me impatient, I can produce the proof  x3 that Patience is my middle name. 

Beat The Man and boro [and borrow too]!

Check out the video here of RUDE Boy modelling his three pairs of red tab Levi’s, revamped with  RUDE Girl’s contemporary version of boro.


Below:  all photos  are close-ups of Levi’s #3

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Darn Day


I grow old learning something new every day. Solon

RUDE Girl spent years believing creating things was for other people with artistic talents.  I watched my mother sew out of necessity, not joy.  I did not like a sewing teacher at high school, and remember a lime green gaberdine skirt that was never finished or worn.  I cannot remember getting any help with it at school or at home. 

However, I can remember making my home economics apron and cap.  I guess I learned some hand and embroidery stitching making these items.


Home Economics students at Pascoe Vale Girls High School, Melbourne, Australia.  Students would make their apron and cap the year before commencing home eco studies.  Image: Courtesy of the PVGHS Facebook Group

My senior school years were filled with English, maths, language and science subjects.  I went into professions that were not related to the creative arts.  There are no regrets and many benefits, however now it is time for me to use my hands to make, maintain and/or repair.

Maybe it is being around RUDE Boy that has brought out in me my need to make. He goes to his shed to tinker, and I want to go to my studio to tailor [of sorts].   Or maybe it is just my time to move from healing hands [nurse, wife, mother] to creative hands.

Whatever it is, there is a pull to create and it is very strong.  Gosh, it may even be the realisation of my own mortality, and wanting to leave a legacy [i.e. the gifting of RUDE Boy’s sashiko jeans to a museum of 21st century oddities]

Last week I decided to teach myself machine darning.  I had never tried it before.  And with all the repair and mending I am embracing, it was time to stop procrastinating and darn well do it!  So, as this blog’s title suggests, I had a darn day.  And of course, I was keen to share my experiences.  Here is the link to the darn video.


Snapshot 2 (22-04-2016 1-08 PM).jpg

Beat The Man and darn well believe you can!

Levis Love



RUDE Girl is shaping RUDE Boy’s Levis for what’s to come.  It’s a radical act to stitch and to wear repaired vintage secondhand jeans.  It makes a statement that RUDE strives to Beat The Man.


Really, what are the options? Levi’s or Wranglers. And you just pick one. It’s one of those life choices. Harrison Ford

RUDE Boy is a Levis man but he also wears other brands.  All of his denim duds are secondhand.  Many purchased decades ago when charity shops had quality stock in his size.  These days he does not have much luck sourcing pre-loved denim jeans but that could be because we rarely frequent charity stores. 

Wearing worn in denim is definitely on trend and big business.  People pay good money to source pre-loved quality brand jeans.  Of course, RUDE never pays much money for anything, and prefers to seek out our own worn threads.  However, as I mentioned it is getting harder to do so. 

This post is to showcase RUDE Girl’s mission to keep RUDE Boy’s pre-loved vintage Levis living on forever.  Yes, forever!  Hopefully one day they will be featured, as an oddity for their time, in a museum. 

I have been sashiko stitching and patching some of RUDE Boy’s Levi jeans over the past 12-18 months.  It’s a labour of love because it takes a long time to stitch and patch not just holes but over thinning areas.  I am reinforcing intact denim with denim, and then using a reverse boro technique, where the patches are mostly on the inside of the jeans.  Much of the stitching and patching is preventative work in an attempt to save on hole repair in the future.

I have labelled each pair of Levis I am mending with a hashtag.  I am currently sashiko stitching #3 Levis.  #1 Levis are featured in this video that was posted to You Tube yesterday.


Here are some photos of #2 Levis and #3 Levis below.  Click on grid images below to get an explanation.


#2 Levis [unfinished] being displayed at Southern Cross Railway Station, Melbourne.

Beat the Man by shaping what’s to come in unique and creative ways.  And add a bucket load of love for good measure!

Shoe Shine Story


A scuffed up shoe on the red carpet or at a big premiere is never okay! It can really alter the vibe of a trendy look. Brad Goreski

RUDE Girl has a confession to make.  I have always enjoyed cleaning shoes.  My school shoes were cleaned and polished ever night.  I am sure it had something to do with my mother’s obsession with clean shoes.  But I also had a liking for the methodical task.  And, I was always keen to care for my things as well.

I have never liked the scruffy shoes’ look, let alone the ‘cheap’ scruffy shoes’ look.  In my opinion [and in the quote above] it can destroy any attempts to look stylish.

Recently, I have been getting more involved in the art of mending and repair.  What came to light recently, was the importance of polishing shoes to detect any issues with them.  In other words, if you are not regularly caring for your shoes, like cleaning or polishing them, you may miss signs of wear and tear.


My shoe shine tub with all sorts of nuggets, brushes and polishing clothes.  Leather shoes are all rescued from landfill fate.  The two front pairs of shoes have been repaired by the shoe repair man.  These shoes are vintage and have been made in New Zealand, USA and Italy.

The same thing occurred to me when ironing for the first time in many months.  I noticed buttons on shirts were loose, and there was a hole in a shirt.  If I had not ironed these clothes, I may not have spotted the problems.

Whether it’s shoes or garments, wear and tear that’s addressed immediately will be a lot easier and oftentimes cheaper to fix. 

The other day, I thought it time to clean some black leather shoes.  Before I knew it, I was cleaning all my shoes and boots.  I was able to audit the wear and tear and assess whether new heel pads were required.


My shoes are stored in a small hall cupboard, near the front door.  Once I started pulling shoes out for cleaning, I realised that there were those I was not going to wear.  These went into the charity donation box.  It was another de-cluttering job out of the way!  I was actually amazed at the quality of shoes and boots I have been able to rescue from landfill fate over the years. 

Beat The Man by caring for your shoes, and cleaning and repairing them ASAP!


Vested Interest


I always find it difficult to dress in between seasons, but I quite like putting T-shirts on with a vest over the top and another layer so you can peel them back as the day goes on. Poppy Delevingne

Layering is always a great way to look different and to keep your look younger. Basic tees, vest tops, jackets, leggings, shrugs, etc, can be mixed up to add spunk, variety and colour to your look. A good sense of mix ‘n’ match is required to make this look work. Tena Desae

When I came across this vest [image below] in the pile of textiles at a TIP SHOP [point of landfill] I knew why no other textile scavenger had rescued it.  However, it’s boring black blandness was not going to deter me from saving it from landfill.  I immediately knew that the vested interest I had in the rescue of this vest, was related to keeping my chest warm between the summer and winter months.

Snapshot 1 (31-03-2016 7-44 AM).jpg

After I soaked and washed it, I tried it on, and realised it was uncomfortable to wear.  The metal zip was heavy and scratchy.  The shape of the vest was boxy and flapped around my middle.

For these reasons, this padded vest has hung in my wardrobe for a couple of years.  With my recent de-cluttering, the time had come to either revamp it or donate it to a charity shop.

I did not want to devote too much time to the project. I decided that a quick revamp was in order. I gave it a little bit of thought, and with some inspiration from Pinterest, I had a light bulb moment.  Where did I store that fake fur collar?  I was hoping it had not been donated in my massive clean out!  PANIC.

Here is the video link to the revamp.


Below are some styling images of the revamped vest displayed on Jen, my mannequin.

Beat The Man, and as a priority, make sure your vested interests fit you well.