Lost and Found


“In many ways my life has been rather like a record of the lost and found. Perhaps all lives are like that.”
Lucy Foley, The Book of Lost and Found

RUDE Girl does not like loosing things.  I am sent into a bit of a spin when I cannot find something.  I know I have oftentimes put the ‘lost’ thing away safely but where?

This anxiety I feel for lost objects goes back to being a pre-teen and accidentally loosing what was probably my mother’s last $20 for the week.  On my return and without the money, her angry disapproval was expressed by that look on her face and tone in her voice.  The memory has never left me.

These days the above experience, is probably part the reason why I rescue that which is lost, and promise to care for it.  Who knows, but maybe.

This week RUDE have been on our separate missions to find the lost.  RUDE Boy has headed to Gulgong in NSW.  And, I have searched on-line and found out more about the Japanese patching and stitching technique of boro.

Should you be interested in boro, please join my new Facebook group by clicking on the link below. 


In Gulgong RUDE Boy and our son Shane, have visited it’s Olde Time Print Shoppe.  In this moving museum, in the middle of nowhere, RUDE Boy reacquainted himself with a working Intertype C4.  For years, we had been searching to find such a machine.  Yesterday in Gulgong, the mechanic and the machine found and touched each other once again.

Many people we meet are in awe of RUDE Boy’s repair skills.  As an apprentice Linotype mechanic he studied fitting and turning, and how to maintain these machines.  When you see the size and mechanical complexity of these machines, it makes you appreciate RUDE Boy’s aptitude for all things mechanical.

There was a video taken which will be presented in due course.  For now, I was sent two photographs to share.


RUDE Boy, the last apprentice Linotype mechanic at The Age newspaper visits Gulgong’s Olde Time Print Shoppe at the town’s Pioneer Museum.  He is standing in front of a working Intertype C4 machine that makes line of type

Many of these machines ended up in landfills, a bit like treadle sewing machines also did.  It is reassuring to know that some Intertypes and Linotypes have been preserved.  Many are not operational nor in good working order.  At Gulgong that’s not the case, with a newsletter being published.

RUDE Boy would like to extend a grateful thank you to the staff at the Gulgong Pioneer Museum, especially Arthur for allowing him to relive the memories.



RUDE Boy at the entrance to the Gulgong Pioneers Museum which includes the Olde Time Print Shoppe


Beat The Man by seeking not to give up on finding and reliving that which he [The Man] wants you to forget.


2 thoughts on “Lost and Found

  1. Thank you Linda for your comment. I am glad I am not alone and someone understands that feeling of loosing something.

    Yes, RUDE Boy is having a lovely road trip and meeting up with men and machines along the way. I am having a lovely peaceful time, in his absence, doing just as I please.


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