Renegade Repairers

“It is the neglect of timely repair that makes rebuilding necessary”  Richard Whately


Snapshot 1 (9-02-2016 9-43 AM).jpg

RUDE are volunteer fixers with the Melbourne (Inner West) Repair Cafe supported by Transition Town Maribrynong


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RUDE Girl on her hand cranked Singer 179N sewing machine at the launch of Victoria, Australia’s first Repair Cafe





RUDE Boy demonstrating how to repair pesky garden hoses and leaks.  Photo: Doug Palmer


RUDE [reusers of unloved discarded excess] are mad about repair.  It’s a good skill to have a passion for, when you like to reuse all kinds of secondhand stuff that has been thrown away.

The quote above by Richard Whately resonates with RUDE because we are extremely practical people.  We are owners rarely consumers of stuff.  Being owners we care for and maintain our things.

We want to have a good working relationship with our things.  And any relationship needs to be cared for and maintained.  And for those things, we simply love and that give us joy, we want to care and maintain them too, just like any loving partnership arrangement.

We suspect most people these days, are more consumers than owners of things [refer graphic from PLAN  below].  However, we do believe we are seeing a shift to more consumers, wanting to know how to mend and make do.  Changes to household finances, an increasing awareness of resource depletion, poor quality new products etc are some of the reasons for this shift.



And that’s where RUDE feels it is time to share with interested people, what we have both been doing for a lifetime.  Yes, it’s repairing stuff, but mostly we maintain our things from the outset.  This ensures we have better quality things to repair when they fail.  This of course, is an important message when first learning about the art of repair.

Many of you who follow on our Facebook blog at Rude Record, know that we participated in the launch of the Melbourne (Inner West) Repair Cafe on 21 February.  And this Sunday we are off to the first in-cafe Repair Cafe.

RUDE Boy will be testing and troubleshooting electrical appliances.  I will be carting my 1980s very basic Janome sewing machine along, for any fabric/garment mending that presents.  This sewing machine was rescued from landfill and is a similar model to my first machine that ended up with the metal recycler recently.  Of course I striped it of all parts first!


Snapshot 2 (22-02-2016 6-31 PM).jpg.png

RUDE Boy troubleshooting a vintage theatre lamp



RUDE Girl making a festive bunting in the beautiful Yarraville Gardens to demonstrate off-grid sewing with a her hand-cranked sewing machine.  Photo: Dominique Hes


You can check out some photos and read about our launch on the link below.

And this is a video I created, of our wonderful Repair Cafe coordinator Michelle Fisher setting up for the launch.

Beat The Man and own, really own and care for your stuff.


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