Lovely Liebster Award


To refuse awards is another way of accepting them with more noise than is normal.

Mark Twain

RUDE were definitely going to accept a Liebster Award from our talented friend Eimear in Ireland and from the blog The Up Sew.  Thank you Eimear for nominating Rude Record for an award.  But crikey, what’s a Liebster Award?

Of course we accepted the Award before we knew what it was all about.  Why?  In blog land you appreciate anyone or anything that makes an effort to recognise your efforts.  And Eimear is such a lovely cyber friend that I would find it hard to say no to her.

First thing was to find out what a Liebster was awarding us for.  You can read all about it here but basically the idea behind this award is to recognize new bloggers and help promote them!

There are a few rules, and the first is to post the award logo.  I decided to post three logos because I love awards.

Eimear  has asked RUDE some questions, and RUDE Girl will answer them as RUDE Boy had to rush off to work.

What persuaded you to start a blog?

It was the best creative avenue for us to compose stories about our frugal lifestyle, where we could also include test, photos, graphics and videos.indexa

Favourite piece of advice you have been given?

At night, if driving, always know what street you are in, just in case you are ambushed and have to call for help.  It makes me smile to remember how and when it was said to me.


What is a favourite make (any medium)?

Hand and machine sewing this recycled fulled wool quilt for my daughter for Christmas 2014.  It was a labour of love.  My first ‘real’ quilt and not simply a patch worked piece.


Best or worst sewing habit?

Worst sewing habit is deliberately dropping cotton thread over the floor.

2016-02-19 14.25.08.jpg

Most useless sewing gadget in your collection?

I have a couple of antique thimbles but I do not use them for sewing.  I remember my mother saying that a thimble was a nuisance when she hand-stitched.  I have tried to use a thimble when sashiko stitching through layers of denim, but find pulling the needle through with pliers is better.


What would be your ‘dream’ make?

Something like in this video or an Earthship.

Who taught you or inspired you, to sew/make?

I taught and inspired myself, with a bit of help from my sister.  She taught me how to lay out a pattern on fabric.  I did do sewing at school but not a memorable experience.  My mother was a good sewer but she did not intentionally teach me.  Sewing by osmosis, perhaps?

Favourite cartoon character?

Top Cat who lives with his friends in the alley ways and amongst the trash.  A street smart kitty cat.


Favourite piece of music?

RUDE Girl loves music.  I have already posted myself singing my favourite song, in the whole world, on my You Tube channel, if followers would like to check it out here.  It was recorded 2 years ago and has had 1,740 views.  It was my first ever You Tube video recording.  It was not intended for You Tube but when RUDE Boy downloaded it.  It touched his heart actually.  We both decided it was going to be shared with the world.

Now, I would like to nominate the following three bloggers for a Liebster Award.  As part of the rules I must notify them.

Vee at Restyle4Life
Maretta at Osgood My Collection
Terese at Green Teresa

My 10 questions as per the rules are as follows:

What do you like most about Rude Record’s blog?
Why do you blog?
What is your favourite topic to blog about?
What don’t you like when you read other blogs?
What is your passion?
Is mending a joy or a chore?
What’s your favourite meal?
Are you a homebody or traveller?
What is your best recycled find?
Was getting this Liebster Award an honour?

Beat The Man and pay forward the Liebster Award love!


5 thoughts on “Lovely Liebster Award

  1. Like it or not, congrats for the award, RUDE guys;)!!!

    Karen, I love your sharing of the bad sewing habit:D, we all kind of developing it with time, no matter how clean we want the sewing room to be… the process is far more important;)))

    Have a lovely time celebrating!


    • Thank you Mariana. I do not know if it’s a bad habit because I know I am doing it, and can easily put the threads in my little bucket close by the machine. I simply like to be defiant and drop the threads on on the floor!! I wonder what a psychologist would say? Any idea?


      • I recon a psychologist would say: “…Mmmm… you simply like to be defiant?…”…
        But frankly, I just love you like it and do drop the threads on on the floor. I used to be very clean and couldn’t believe other sewists around me do THAT kind of mess. Then, I just became one of them;) And vacuum whenever possible, haha!

        The real question, if you ask me, is: “Do you vacuum after doing the mess” or poor Mr RUDE has to go after you?… LOL!

        Have a great time with the Repair Cafe to both of you!


  2. Hi Karen – great answers – although I didnt think snipping thread to the floor a bad thing! (do it all the time but my routine is a big sweep at the end of the day)and great advice on knowing where you are…..lovin those dream makes – that panelling is such an inspiration! hope the repair cafe went well


    • Eimear lovely to get your nomination for the award. I really liked participating and had to think about my answers. Yes, I think knowing where you are, out at night, is very good advice. The repair cafe is this Sunday, so two more sleeps.


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