Valentine’s Day the Rude Way

I love bringing roses to a woman when she least expects it.

Esai Morales


RUDE Boy’s rude Valentine’s Day Gift to RUDE Girl

In typical RUDE fashion, RUDE Boy went out to mow the grass this morning. After his yard work was finished, he came back inside with these roses from our front garden.  He came into the study, and placed them in front of me on my desk.

He apologised that the petals are nearly spent and that he was a day early.  However, as in the above quote by Esai Morales, it’s lovely to be brought roses when I am least expecting it.  And pink roses in a pink Coke glass, well that really is very rude!  Oh, and the glass was rescued from landfill.

Sexy underwear is oftentimes, on the gift list for Valentine’s day.  RUDE Girl has her own rude twist on how to show her love for RUDE Boy this Valentine’s Day.

I have decided to fix the elastic in three pairs of his sexy black James Bond style trunks.  RUDE Boy will love that I did not resort to buying him a black thong!  He will be very happy with his mended jocks.


RUDE Girl’s Valentine’s Day gift to RUDE Boy is to add new elastic to his trunks

Beat The ‘Valentine’s Day’ Man by giving your own creative gestures as gifts.


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