Relish for Repair


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There is one advantage to having nothing, it never needs repair.

RUDE have been continuing on with our de-cluttering.  We have undertaken the bulk of it.  RUDE Boy reckons we have easily taken a tonne of stuff to the local charity shops.  As time and energy permits we are now in the process of fine tuning storage of that stuff which remains.  And we still have to go through the photos and personal papers.  And the small storage shed in the backyard.

We feel lighter and more in control.  And are able to think about new projects for 2016. I made a decision to say cheerio to some unfinished projects from 2015.

Photos below: RUDE Girl’s first ever attempt at weaving.  I made up a cardboard loom and weaved this piece.  I decided that the loom was taking up too much room in my studio.  I took the fabric off the loom.  And I am going to make a small lined purse with a zipper.

Years ago RUDE attempted to get a Repair Cafe off and running in our town in the outer west of Melbourne.  The interest was just not there.   Then we lost interest due to the apathy.  We are not procrastinating types.  And we believe there was no point flogging a dead horse = life’s too short.

In 2016, and all going well we hope to volunteer some of our time and skills to the very first Repair Cafe in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.  If we cannot have a Repair Cafe in our own suburb we will go to where one is happening.  Stick it to The Man, yey! 

Here is an article about the initiative and launch as follows:

The launch of Melbourne (Inner West) Repair Cafe will be on Sunday, 21st of February, 2016 from 11am to 3pm, in the Yarraville Gardens, Yarraville as part of its Living Future Festival during Sustainability Week.

RUDE Boy will be demonstrating as follows:

1.  how to fix a leaking garden hose

2. how to change a three point electrical plug on an electrical cord

and if any person brings along an electrical appliance that’s not working, he can test it with a multi meter.

RUDE Girl will be demonstrating as follows:

1.  what is sashiko mending?

2.  examples of basic sewing/mending

We will be in attendance for all of the event and will be chatting generally to the public about the first Repair Cafe on the 6th March at Rhubarb Wholefoods from 10am to 12md.

We hope to meet some of our blog followers in Yarraville on the 21st of this month or at future Repair Cafes.  Please come and say hi to us if you are in the area.

Check out the repair of RUDE Boy’s around the house shorts in this video

RUDE Boy’s now famous Fabiani shorts will be on display at the Repair Cafe launch event.  Kylie’s op shop hot pants [photo below] do not even compare.


You can Beat The Man by saying no to buying new, until you are sure an item cannot be repaired, by the friendly tinkers and tailors at your local Repair Cafe.


5 thoughts on “Relish for Repair

  1. A-ha!! SNAP! I’ve just started volunteering sewing assistance at Remade in Edinburgh! The aim is to pass on basic sewing and sewing machine skills and any repairs to clothing that people need done, but they are shown and do it themselves! They have a successful computer repair side too and intend on a woodworking area of some sort. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this new venture and good luck with it. I look forward to hearing how you both get on!


  2. The repair cafe sounds like a fantastic idea. Wouldn’t it be nice if people had the skills or patience to tinker with stuff? The majority of this younger generation won’t have any of these skills, sadly. Good luck with it. I’m sure it will be fun!


  3. I know I made the mistake of doing the repairs for my offspring rather than taking the time to show them how to do it. Sadly I contributed to them not knowing. But then no-one showed me either. I am self taught. My mother was an excellent sewer but we were expected to teach ourselves if we were interested.
    Look forward to updates about the repair cafe: that sounds like a good way of exchanging skills.

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    • Thank you for your comment Pamela. My mother too was an excellent sewer but she never was keen to teach us. She showed us a few things if we asked but her mind was always elsewhere. However, I do believe I picked up some things via osmosis.

      I will share about the Repair Cafe as we get more involved. Stay posted.


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