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Kaz and Dan

RUDE Girl and RUDE Boy ~ Together we Beat the Man


Thank you to all of our followers for sharing our frugal journey in life with us.  We get a buzz out of posting weekly.  We are always keen to showcase what brings us joy.  The icing on our cake is to receive your likes, comments and stories.  We also recognise that many of you may simply like to look, read and enjoy.  However you engage with our blog, it makes what we write about, worthwhile.

This is a reminder message to let you know that we are also  present, as Rude Record, on the following Facebook pages as follows:

Rude Record at https://www.facebook.com/Rude-Record/

We post most days to this page, and oftentimes it includes more of what we have been posting about here on WordPress.  It is RUDE’S daily journal of rescue, reuse and repair activities.

The featured image of the washing machine on this blog post is a perfect example.  We have posted the story of it on our Facebook page today.  And a video about it is planned for tomorrow.


Imagine Melton Zero Waste at https://www.facebook.com/zerowastemelton/

We post most days to this page, and whilst it is suburb based [Melbourne, Australia], it includes links to articles on recycling and zero waste, from all over the world.  Waste is a world-wide problem, and it does not simply go away.  However, the recycling community is keen to share ways in which waste can be minimised.

Beat the Man by getting your unique message out to the world!


4 thoughts on “a RUDE reminder

  1. Thanks for posting regularly. I enjoy reading the articles although I don’t always comment. There are so many articles that I wouldn’t have seen had it not been for your diligence in posting.


    • Lovely to get your comment Yvonne, thank you for your feedback. Hope you are keeping well and still creating sweet things. Posting regularly is a habit now. RUDE Boy reminds me weekly when it is Friday. He asks me what we will be posting this week. And he provides his input. He always reads the draft final post before it goes out.


  2. Free works! I love seeing that. I wish more people would take into consideration that there are others out there looking for exactly what you no longer want. Don’t throw it away, give it away! I cringe when I watch those home improvement shows where they just start swinging the sledgehammers on perfectly fine fixtures and cabinets and things like that. Makes me want to pull my hair out. Somebody else can always use what you no longer like, want or need. Love the work you do!


  3. It’s definitely a mutual fan club Restyle4Life!! Yes, I agree and think it is wonderful when people put stuff out on the verge with a free notice. I will never get it into my head why people would wreck perfectly good stuff before asking others if they would like it. Not sure if you follow our Facebook page but if not, here is the rescued Maytag washer, made in the USA in our laundry.


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