Pick a Pocket

If you want the government off your back, get your hands out of its pockets.

Gary Hart


RUDE has four flash drives between us.  And I am always misplacing mine around the house.  Pesky little things they can be.  Gosh, I think one of RUDE Girl’s secondhand flash drives, was found by RUDE Boy in a baby’s cot, at the local tip shop!  Goes to show they can and do end up in all kinds of places.

Yesterday was cold in Melbourne and the perfect opportunity to play with my hand-cranked Singer 179N sewing machine.  I decided to sew up a storage bag for our flash drives.


Singer 179N hand-cranked Made in Taiwan circa 1960s

Instead of making a bag, I decided to use a ready made pocket.  The day before I had cleaned out my wardrobe.  A pocket on a pair of discarded Rusty brand cargo pants was ideal for this afternoon project.


Rusty brand cargo pants with pocket cut out


The pocket

The pocket is ideal as storage because it has a zip.  And the detail makes it unique.

And here is the You Tube video of the finished storage pouch.


Beat The Man by not misplacing your stuff and caring for your things!


3 thoughts on “Pick a Pocket

  1. Cold in Melbourne lead to some great creative thinking by a RUDE boy and a lovely story about the uses of ready made pockets. Why use your energy making something that already exists I ask? My grandfather converted my grandmothers hand-cranked sewing machine into a treadle which is what I learned to sew on. great rhythm. Don’t let that other pocket be lonely.


  2. Hello Pamela, thank you for following Rude Record and your encouraging comments. Lovely story about your grandparents sewing machine. Funny I was using the hand-cranked thinking how wonderful it would be to own a treadle. I kept looking under the table for the foot pedal!

    Yes, when I took the photo of the cargo pants, I was thinking what can I reuse the other pocket for. Something will come to mind. Maybe I will put it on a strap and make it into a shoulder pouch/purse for my mobile phone and keys when out walking.


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