Light Festive Food


“Oh, for the good old days when people would stop Christmas shopping when they ran out of money”  Anon

For RUDE we oftentimes spend Christmas home alone together.  Family members have their commitments elsewhere.  We do not rock the boat.  Nor do we pile on the expectation that oftentimes comes with the season.  The best Christmas gift we can give ourselves, is not to get caught up in the Christmas competition.  And to simply relax and be merry, whatever our situation.

The graphic above depicts that eating too little is boring.  At Christmas time RUDE imagines that many would agree with this.  What is eating too little?  It depends on the individuals perception, right? 

Last Christmas, we decided once again to eat lightly.  We certainly did not choose light food to be boring.  If anything, we see light food eating on Christmas Day, as quite ‘out there’. 

RUDE had ample food but it was light on the stomach.  It was not boring because it was not typical festive food fare that’s associated with the season.  It was certainly frugal in terms of cost.  And a small amount of our precious time was spent preparing it.  No hot tempers in the RUDE kitchen.   However, I must share that RUDE Boy was over peeling and de-veining prawns!

The Pope’s message from our December 2013 blog post,  still informs our choice for festive frugality but we do not feel we are going without.  We bought our Australian prawns at $18 per kg.  And we had our beer and wine.  We set a modest festive table with flashy ‘as new’ bon bons from the local tip shop [landfill].


2015 RUDE Christmas Lunch ~  Prawn cocktail on bed of shredded lettuce with home made island dressing.  Rye bread.  For dessert fresh organic halved apricots topped with cream.  Total Cost for two $15, including alcohol.



2015 RUDE Christmas Dinner ~ 2 prawn, bacon and chive vol au vents.  For dessert sliced fresh peaches topped with cream.  Total cost for two $20, including alcohol

Total cost of Christmas Day meals for RUDE was $35. 

Beat The ‘Supermarket’ Man and eat light [never boring] at Christmas time.  And then there should be no need to fork out for diet food programs and/or expensive gym membership in the New Year!


10 thoughts on “Light Festive Food

  1. We had a quiet Christmas at home too, catching up with extended family on Boxing Day. We meet and supply leftovers for the feast.
    This year, after eating what I considered an ample meal of (several) roast tatties, pumpkin, broccoli, turkey and ham, I commented on feeling full where I was admonished on how I could not possibly be full after only a single helping. I had left enough room for pudding and custard after which I felt comfortably full. I had to laugh a little later when all the other adults present began to complain about indigestion!

    Wishing both yourself and Rude Boy a Happy New Year and I cannot wait to see what other marvelous things you make and find from landfill.

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    • Thank you for sharing with RUDE what you did rabidlittlehippy. Yes, we caught up with extended family on Boxing Day too. The meal was also light and no fuss. These days I do get indigestion even if I do not eat too much. I have to be careful as does RUDE Boy. I am glad you did not suffer due to over indulgence. Happy New Year to you and Co. Thank you for your wishes. We do not need too much stuff from landfill these days so it will be a challenge to work out what our posts will be about in 2016.

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  2. In fact, now that you have me thinking about it, the high street stores here, now the party outfits and Christmas jumpers are sale items, have their gym gear at the front doors!! Then it will be the beachwear, then a little bit for Halloween and the cycle will continue with the population majority following and so it goes on every year!!?


    • Yes, there is absolutely no risk of frugal simple living people, like us, destroying the global economy. The masses will continue to over consume. It’s not a great thought but it does mean they throw out perfectly good stuff that we can re-use.

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  3. Your holiday meal looks delicious! I feel like people mistake abundance for excess when it comes to consumption across the board. And that is not the same at all. I feel a blog post coming on…. Eating well and special meals do not require a lot of food if it is just you or a small party/family. I can’t imagine how much of annual landfill waste is directly related to christmas


    • Thank you for your comment sweet lady and Happy New Year. We had some of the family over for dinner last night for a BBQ. The cooker [BBQ] was found on the verge, and we cooked up some sausages and hamburgers on it. Once again we went on the light side and everything was eaten. No waste and no uncomfortable bellies. For six people a total cost of $30, including salad, bread and beverages.

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  4. We had a great time catching up with family over Christmas. I decided to stay-in and cook Christmas lunch – away from the crowds (except at the market!), the noise and over-priced restaurants. The bonus part, was that we finished everything and nothing went to waste 🙂

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