Clean Out at RUDE’S House

Hari Kari Kondomari 29jan2016

It’s human nature to take the easy route and leap at storage methods that promise quick and convenient ways to remove visible clutter. Putting things away creates the illusion that the clutter problem has been solved. But sooner or later, all the storage units are full, and the room once again overflows with things.

Marie Kondo

When you rescue stuff from landfill, to showcase to the world what is thrown out, you eventually start to accumulate stuff.  Do not get RUDE wrong, most of the things we save are useful and practical. and we get joy from them.  Many are reused as resources for our knowledge and skills accumulation.  Nearly all of our treasured finds are shared in a story with our followers.

However, the time has come in the RUDE household to de-stash.  We have been ruthless before.  RUDE Girl moved every couple of years for two decades.  I am a very good de-stasher when I have to be.  However for a decade RUDE have been in the one place.  There has been no need to drastically de-stash.

I recently visited a friend who is reading Marie Kondo’s book on the Japanese art of de-cluttering.  She inspired me to get home and start de-cluttering. Are we following Ms Kondo’s de-cluttering method?  Not really.

Why the big cull?  Firstly, RUDE will be retiring to the coast, and moving out of our current home.  Call us lazy, but we prefer to avoid unnecessary packing when the time comes.  Secondly, we were both feeling like we needed to clear our heads and spaces.  This will allow new ideas to flow into our lives.  Too much stuff crowds not only space but the mind too.

With clearing out, also comes loads of work.  We are scrubbing, washing, sorting and tidying as we go.  But if feels like a good cleanse of the house and soul.

Where is all our stuff going?  As much as we would have liked to invite friends and family to pick through things, this is not an option.  We do not have a storage space to showcase what is for the taking.  There is no room, that’s why we have to say good-bye to it pronto.  We thought of putting it out on the verge but our local Council would probably fine us for our goodwill recycling gesture.

The majority of our de-stashed stuff is going to local smaller charities.  A few things we have placed aside for family but it’s not much.  Selling our stuff was not an option either, as it tends to linger around and cause more work!

We do not feel guilty, as most of the stuff was free or bought for very little outlay.  We feel quite pleased that most of it was rescued and cared for/repaired/maintained by us.  Hopefully it will now be sold to make some money for our local charities.

Beat The Man by not buying more storage options for your stuff!


Photos below:  After shots of the kitchen cupboards.  The contents of these cupboards have been de-stashed by more than a half.

Photos below:  After shots of our wardrobes.  The contents of our wardrobes have been de-stashed by more than a half.
And if all RUDE’S de-cluttering is too minimalist for you.  Check out this guy in Darwin, Australia who loves to collect kitsch stuff.

Trashed Textiles

I remember at the age of five travelling on a trolley car with my mother past a group of women on a picket line at a textile plant, seeing them being viciously beaten by security people. So that kind of thing stayed with me.

Noam Chomsky


RUDE Girl could not agree more with Dorothy Cosonas .  When I go down to the point of landfill to rescue textiles, destined for the garment graveyard, my eyes are seriously focused on the pile of clothes and fabrics in front of me.


Textiles in a TIP SHOP at point of landfill

I have like a sixth sense for what it is I am seeking, among the mostly fast fashion synthetics.  I scourer for natural fibre fabric, unusual print, different texture, interesting colours, country of origin, brand, quality stitching and unique design.  I will not overlook tired synthetics totally, and have picked up clothes for around the house and garden. 

I am really pleased that most of the textiles I rescue, are not of interest to other pickers.  If they were, then I would definitely not find them to rescue.  These would have been snatched up by other pickers, right?

Photos above:  Place mouse over each photo and click to get details.

I usually do not know at the time what I will be reusing the rescued garments for.  The inspiration comes during the sorting and washing process at home.  Or at a later time when I am in my studio creating.  It’s reassuring to know I have a stash of rescued garments that I can immediately revisit for reuse.

The challenge I find, is keeping this stash of garments under manageable control.  Because I make just for myself,  I find I can only wear so much that I re-create.  Once or twice a year I have an audit and decide what is to be given to to friends or donated to charity.

Beat The ‘fast fashion’ Man by wearing trashed textiles that have been rescued and revamped.

a RUDE reminder



Kaz and Dan

RUDE Girl and RUDE Boy ~ Together we Beat the Man


Thank you to all of our followers for sharing our frugal journey in life with us.  We get a buzz out of posting weekly.  We are always keen to showcase what brings us joy.  The icing on our cake is to receive your likes, comments and stories.  We also recognise that many of you may simply like to look, read and enjoy.  However you engage with our blog, it makes what we write about, worthwhile.

This is a reminder message to let you know that we are also  present, as Rude Record, on the following Facebook pages as follows:

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We post most days to this page, and oftentimes it includes more of what we have been posting about here on WordPress.  It is RUDE’S daily journal of rescue, reuse and repair activities.

The featured image of the washing machine on this blog post is a perfect example.  We have posted the story of it on our Facebook page today.  And a video about it is planned for tomorrow.


Imagine Melton Zero Waste at

We post most days to this page, and whilst it is suburb based [Melbourne, Australia], it includes links to articles on recycling and zero waste, from all over the world.  Waste is a world-wide problem, and it does not simply go away.  However, the recycling community is keen to share ways in which waste can be minimised.

Beat the Man by getting your unique message out to the world!

Pick a Pocket

If you want the government off your back, get your hands out of its pockets.

Gary Hart


RUDE has four flash drives between us.  And I am always misplacing mine around the house.  Pesky little things they can be.  Gosh, I think one of RUDE Girl’s secondhand flash drives, was found by RUDE Boy in a baby’s cot, at the local tip shop!  Goes to show they can and do end up in all kinds of places.

Yesterday was cold in Melbourne and the perfect opportunity to play with my hand-cranked Singer 179N sewing machine.  I decided to sew up a storage bag for our flash drives.


Singer 179N hand-cranked Made in Taiwan circa 1960s

Instead of making a bag, I decided to use a ready made pocket.  The day before I had cleaned out my wardrobe.  A pocket on a pair of discarded Rusty brand cargo pants was ideal for this afternoon project.


Rusty brand cargo pants with pocket cut out


The pocket

The pocket is ideal as storage because it has a zip.  And the detail makes it unique.

And here is the You Tube video of the finished storage pouch.

Beat The Man by not misplacing your stuff and caring for your things!

Frugal Flow

Capitalism does not permit an even flow of economic resources. With this system, a small privileged few are rich beyond conscience, and almost all others are doomed to be poor at some level. That’s the way the system works. And since we know that the system will not change the rules, we are going to have to change the system.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

The above quote is pretty much how RUDE reasons it.  We have highlighted on a few occasions that we really do not think we can Beat The Man.  However like Mr King, we do believe that we can stick it to The Man, and have some control over changing the system, even if it’s at a grassroots level.

We were recently surprised to learn that to take a family of four [two adults and two small children] to the movies and lunch in a shopping mall cafe, had cost AUD $100! 

Should the household budget be able to afford such an outing, then what a special  treat for the family.  However,  RUDE was hard pressed not to be thinking of all those families that are unable to afford such an experience.  What then to do, for school holiday enjoyment?

The psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi who has written truckloads on the subject of flow , says the best way to rediscover what made you happy is to think back to when you were about 10 years old.  This was a time when you were most likely to please yourself rather than to feel obligated to please others. 

Frugality also extends to RUDE’S role as grandparents.  We choose to give old-fashioned experiences, as a point of difference, to the experiences where money is spent.  For frugal family fun ideas, we think back to what made us happy as children. 

So this week we enjoyed meeting up with the grandchildren for an afternoon at the beach.  Instead of meeting in a cafe and then heading down to the beach, we decided instead to take our picnic basket with  afternoon tea.


Photo above:  RUDE’S grandchildren climbing over play equipment at the beach.

Yesterday we enjoyed time with our children and the grandchildren playing concerts, drawing at the kitchen table and having a backyard BBQ dinner.

Total cost of two days of frugal food and fun, involving 10 family members cost approximately AUD $75, including travel costs.  And everyone had a ball!

Beat The Man and go with the frugal flow!

Photos above:  Family concert starring Poppy Dan and Nanny Kaz with grandchildren ~ Dancing to Shake It Off by Taylor Swift.  Hat props sourced from the local TIP SHOP. 

Light Festive Food


“Oh, for the good old days when people would stop Christmas shopping when they ran out of money”  Anon

For RUDE we oftentimes spend Christmas home alone together.  Family members have their commitments elsewhere.  We do not rock the boat.  Nor do we pile on the expectation that oftentimes comes with the season.  The best Christmas gift we can give ourselves, is not to get caught up in the Christmas competition.  And to simply relax and be merry, whatever our situation.

The graphic above depicts that eating too little is boring.  At Christmas time RUDE imagines that many would agree with this.  What is eating too little?  It depends on the individuals perception, right? 

Last Christmas, we decided once again to eat lightly.  We certainly did not choose light food to be boring.  If anything, we see light food eating on Christmas Day, as quite ‘out there’. 

RUDE had ample food but it was light on the stomach.  It was not boring because it was not typical festive food fare that’s associated with the season.  It was certainly frugal in terms of cost.  And a small amount of our precious time was spent preparing it.  No hot tempers in the RUDE kitchen.   However, I must share that RUDE Boy was over peeling and de-veining prawns!

The Pope’s message from our December 2013 blog post,  still informs our choice for festive frugality but we do not feel we are going without.  We bought our Australian prawns at $18 per kg.  And we had our beer and wine.  We set a modest festive table with flashy ‘as new’ bon bons from the local tip shop [landfill].


2015 RUDE Christmas Lunch ~  Prawn cocktail on bed of shredded lettuce with home made island dressing.  Rye bread.  For dessert fresh organic halved apricots topped with cream.  Total Cost for two $15, including alcohol.



2015 RUDE Christmas Dinner ~ 2 prawn, bacon and chive vol au vents.  For dessert sliced fresh peaches topped with cream.  Total cost for two $20, including alcohol

Total cost of Christmas Day meals for RUDE was $35. 

Beat The ‘Supermarket’ Man and eat light [never boring] at Christmas time.  And then there should be no need to fork out for diet food programs and/or expensive gym membership in the New Year!