Happy Holidays 2015

People say I don’t write books, I make Christmas presents.

Bryce Courtenay


RUDE promotes Scavenger Style during 2015

RUDE [reusers of unloved discarded excess] would like to thank all our followers for reading our frugal follies through 2015.

It has been incredibly rewarding to share the inspiration with you all, and to receive your likes and/or feedback.  We love getting your commentary.  For those who do not make commentary but enjoy reading what we write, we are grateful to you too. 

RUDE Boy is on holidays and we are enjoying eight (8) weeks together.  The tin shed has been erected and you can see the photos and a short video on our Facebook blog at Rude Record.

RUDE Boy has just called me outside for a surprise.  The shed has been painted with a first coat.  All the burnt paint has been covered over, yey! 

A lovely surprise just arrived in the mail from Agatha at Green Issues by Agy in Singapore.  The political cartoon is printed on heavy cotton twill.  Her thoughtful note makes me smile and feel special.  I am grateful that we can support and inspire each other.


Thank you Agatha for knowing this political patch was a RUDE Girl gift!

On 19 December we attended out daughter’s wedding on Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia.  Of course we both wore our recycled glad rags.  You can find out more about this event from a RUDE perspective on our Facebook blog at Rude Record.

2015-12-19 18.01.14.jpg

Permission to share the love at #beckanddannywedding

And the next day, on the 20 December, we celebrated our grandson’s 3rd birthday with a dinosaur cake, created ‘off the top of her head’ by his mother.


Putting the three candles on the dinosaur

Beat The Man and think of ways to enjoy frugal festive fun these holidays!


6 thoughts on “Happy Holidays 2015

    • Yes Linda, it has been busy but not hectic. We pace ourselves and do not get too entangled in the hype. We just go with the ‘slow’ flow. It has been a pleasure discovering you and yours in 2015. Sharing the inspiration across the miles is a wonderful experience. Merry Christmas.

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