The Write Stuff



Some of my collection of letters and cards from special people who have touched my heart and soul


RUDE’S vintage beauty case with our wedding certificate, other wedding memorabilia, anniversary and birthday cards

Sending a handwritten letter is becoming such an anomaly. It’s disappearing. My mom is the only one who still writes me letters. And there’s something visceral about opening a letter – I see her on the page. I see her in her handwriting.

Steve Carell

RUDE Girl recently read and posted on our Facebook blog at Rude Record, an article about how Richard Branson from Virgin Airlines was lamenting the demise of penmanship and letter writing.

I posted a comment about how a person in his 30s had made a comment about quaintness, when he saw that I was writing his mobile phone number down in a little notebook.  I am guessing his expectation was that I would add his number directly into my Smartphone.  A bit difficult when I do not own a Smartphone.

After reading the Branson article, I immediately knew this week’s blog post would be about my fountain pens and writing paraphernalia.  Of course everything is recycled, having been saved from landfill fate.

I also felt like sharing some of my personal collection of cards and letters [x2 photos above]

Here is the link to the little video I made about my writing stuff.  Enjoy taking a peek at my writing paraphernalia.

Wordpress has just notified Rude Record that we have been blogging for two years.  That’s pretty cool.  Thank you to all of you who have been following us.  We love sharing our frugal lifestyle with you.  A weekly blog post keeps us true to our mission and your comments inspire us to keep sharing the joy of frugality.

Beat The [Tech] Man and refuse to let the art of penmanship and letter writing fade away.  Write a letter to someone special today!

PS  As I am writing this Australia Post [AP] has announced it will be raising the cost of a stamp from 70 cents to $1.00 in January 2016.  According to AP  the lack of snail mail has contributed to this cost rise.  RUDE tends to think the incredibly monstrous salary of its CEO may also be a factor.


14 thoughts on “The Write Stuff

  1. how we forget how lovely letters are, i am sending a birthday card to my aunt today, and included a note. i am getting back into the habit of send a note to her now and then, as she finds the phone difficult to use due to her hearing (deteriorating), and the lovely thing about a letter is the tangible connection, I am always sorry I never kept my Dads letters to me when I lived abroad, they were so funny but I kept no letters from that time, and yet somehow, I have a postcard sent to my grandfather from a cousin I never met in the 1930s, and a postcard sent to my grandmother by a boy she dated (arranging a date and written in a code) before she married, sent in 1901 and I read them now and its still like overhearing a conversation. ……. lovely quote at the top, truly


    • Thank you eimear for sharing your thoughts after reading our blog post. It’s incredibly meaningful when our written word sparks more written word from people like you who follow RUDE. And yes, we do forget how lovely letters are.

      I was relating to you wishing that you had kept your father’s letters. My father did not write letters to me but I did have letters from others in my life that were discarded years ago. I wish I had kept them too. Did you read the letter King George wrote to his daughter Elizabeth on her wedding day? It has recently been shared with the world. Simple and beautiful. Google it.

      I hope your aunt enjoyed receiving her card and little note from you. In the top photo of this blog post, in the lace bag, are some of my nana’s postcards from the late 1800s. I am also relating to your postcard story. Very special.


  2. I just sent a letter this week to a friend i met on facebook who lives in Norway.
    We played lots of scrabble together and remain friends, although I no longer play as Im trying to reduce my time spent on technology.
    But it was technology that brought us together. And now we connect via written word.
    Best of both worlds😆


    • Thank you Trish for sharing your story about letter writing. A pen pal these days is a rarity. How special for the both of you, to have the experience of writing to each other across the miles.


  3. Yes. I ove it! I send cards more and more as i get older. handwritten notes and postcards throughout the year to my bestie in upstate NY, I am in L.A., CA. There is nothing like the anticipation of reading a letter. ❤


    • Sweet Vanessa how lovely to get two comments from you. Thank you for taking the time to comment on the video on You tube and here on the blog.

      It’s wonderful that you have a bestie who sends you cards and letters. Other forms of communication just cannot beat a heartfelt letter arriving by post. I was reading someplace about making sure in a letter to tell the person something they DO NOT know.

      I did forget to mention in the video that we have three letter openers in our study. And someone on Facebook today wants RUDE Girl to do a video on refilling the disposable Pilot V fountain pens.


  4. I really miss writing and receiving letters. It feels like the telephone is headed in the same direction as the letter writing. Nobody talks on the phone anymore either, at least not by having a vocal conversation. You’ve taken good care of your treasures. I have only a few of our old love letters and notes left.


    • Hello Restyle4Life, always lovely to follow your blog and receive your comments. I would love to write and receive more letters. I have written letters over the years but have not received many back. Some people have told me not to expect a reply, explaining they do not write letters! Sad but that’s how it is.

      As for phone calls, I agree. The art of penmanship may be fading but the art of conversation is fading along with it. My parents used to talk to the neighbours over the back fence but that rarely happens these days. One is lucky just to have a back fence!

      I do try to care for my sentimental treasures. I must admit, I was a bit emotional, rediscovering some of it, in order to present this blog post.


  5. It really does seem like a thing of the past, I have friends now who choose not to send Christmas cards now, my older relations would go mad if they didn’t receive their yuletide greetings!?


    • Yes, we are still sending out Christmas cards this year. But we do not send as many as we used to. I always try and write a little note to accompany the greeting. We do not buy any Christmas cards from retail outlets. The packets we score are rescued from landfill fate each year. We pay next to nothing for a few boxes of them. I have enough to last another five years!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, they do!! They are so cheap to buy per packet that maybe they decide it’s not worth storing them for a year?

        We have no idea but we do know that we are unable to make reasoned sense, of these spendthrift ways, from a financial point of view.

        To our way of thinking $2, for five packets of Christmas cards, adds up to $10. And that’s the price of a coffee and cake!

        Liked by 1 person

    • I am empathizing with you Agatha. I love to write letters, little notes and messages in greeting cards but rarely receive them back. I no longer expect anyone to write a letter to me, so when when it happens it’s pure joy. Almost unbelievable!


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