Tatters and Leaves


A woman weaves a beautiful basket during discussions between SE Gration and women at the Abu Shouk Women’s Center. Source: Sudan Envoy


This is the shape of basket RUDE Girl is weaving. Source: Flickr


The weaving on my cardboard loom featured in last week’s post is on hold.  Why?

This week RUDE Girl attended her first basket weaving workshop at the local community centre.  Traditional Sudanese Basket Weaving is the style.  I will be attending another workshop next week for a couple of hours.  The course is sponsored by the City of Melton which is a bonus.

I have seen the Sudanese style of basket weaving before, as the city where I live, has an established Sudanese community.  These days it would appear the Sudanese women use acrylic and plastic yarn mostly.  Traditionally they would have used the local leaves and grasses only.  There does not appear to be much written about the topic on the internet.

Plastic coated sugar and rice sacks, stripped into yarn to weave into baskets, is a great way to recycle them.  The acrylic knitting yarn is not appealing to my rude aesthetic.  Therefore you will see in the video what I am using.  It may be that I will start a new trend in Sudanese basket weaving a la Scavenger [Aussie] Style.

Check out my Sudanese basket weaving here.

Beat The Man by not putting all your eggs in one basket.  And if you do put all your eggs in one basket, watch the basket!


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