The Write Stuff



Some of my collection of letters and cards from special people who have touched my heart and soul


RUDE’S vintage beauty case with our wedding certificate, other wedding memorabilia, anniversary and birthday cards

Sending a handwritten letter is becoming such an anomaly. It’s disappearing. My mom is the only one who still writes me letters. And there’s something visceral about opening a letter – I see her on the page. I see her in her handwriting.

Steve Carell

RUDE Girl recently read and posted on our Facebook blog at Rude Record, an article about how Richard Branson from Virgin Airlines was lamenting the demise of penmanship and letter writing.

I posted a comment about how a person in his 30s had made a comment about quaintness, when he saw that I was writing his mobile phone number down in a little notebook.  I am guessing his expectation was that I would add his number directly into my Smartphone.  A bit difficult when I do not own a Smartphone.

After reading the Branson article, I immediately knew this week’s blog post would be about my fountain pens and writing paraphernalia.  Of course everything is recycled, having been saved from landfill fate.

I also felt like sharing some of my personal collection of cards and letters [x2 photos above]

Here is the link to the little video I made about my writing stuff.  Enjoy taking a peek at my writing paraphernalia.

Wordpress has just notified Rude Record that we have been blogging for two years.  That’s pretty cool.  Thank you to all of you who have been following us.  We love sharing our frugal lifestyle with you.  A weekly blog post keeps us true to our mission and your comments inspire us to keep sharing the joy of frugality.

Beat The [Tech] Man and refuse to let the art of penmanship and letter writing fade away.  Write a letter to someone special today!

PS  As I am writing this Australia Post [AP] has announced it will be raising the cost of a stamp from 70 cents to $1.00 in January 2016.  According to AP  the lack of snail mail has contributed to this cost rise.  RUDE tends to think the incredibly monstrous salary of its CEO may also be a factor.


Yestermorrow Yearnings


The Yestermorrow Clothes Book: How to Remodel Secondhand Clothes by Diana Funaro 1976


When you can’t remember what day something happened, because you’ve been awake for too many consecutive days.

Person 1: Remember that party yesterday… wait, or was that this morning?

Person 2: I don’t even remember anymore, it was yestermorrow.
Source:  On-line Urban Dictionary

RUDE Girl stumbled upon The Yestermorrow Clothes Book a couple of years ago in a library search for garment re-fashioning texts.

I made a request for my local library to track down the book but unfortunately the book was not available in Australia.  RUDE Boy searched on-line, and found plenty of copies in the USA.  But postage and handling charges, to have it shipped to Australia were, in our opinion,  too expensive.

This year sometime, I recommended the book to my refashioning colleague Bunny in Oregon, USA.  You may remember her from the guest post on Rude Record here

Bunny immediately, and with enthusiasm [and cheaply!] bought the book on-line.  And she promised to share some of its pages with me.

Well true to her word she sent me her chatty style blog post featuring the book, making mention of how RUDE Girl is now part of her yestermorrow book and blog story.

Check out Bunny’s cool book review on The Yestermorrow Clothes Book on this link to her blog which is titled after her feline friend Curious Orange Cat.

The Yestermorrow Clothes Book may be bit dated as stated here but it has all the basics required to refashion garments.  I did try to find out about its author Diana Funaro but no luck.  

Beat the Man and share knowledge on-line across the miles!
images book

Tatters and Leaves


A woman weaves a beautiful basket during discussions between SE Gration and women at the Abu Shouk Women’s Center. Source: Sudan Envoy


This is the shape of basket RUDE Girl is weaving. Source: Flickr


The weaving on my cardboard loom featured in last week’s post is on hold.  Why?

This week RUDE Girl attended her first basket weaving workshop at the local community centre.  Traditional Sudanese Basket Weaving is the style.  I will be attending another workshop next week for a couple of hours.  The course is sponsored by the City of Melton which is a bonus.

I have seen the Sudanese style of basket weaving before, as the city where I live, has an established Sudanese community.  These days it would appear the Sudanese women use acrylic and plastic yarn mostly.  Traditionally they would have used the local leaves and grasses only.  There does not appear to be much written about the topic on the internet.

Plastic coated sugar and rice sacks, stripped into yarn to weave into baskets, is a great way to recycle them.  The acrylic knitting yarn is not appealing to my rude aesthetic.  Therefore you will see in the video what I am using.  It may be that I will start a new trend in Sudanese basket weaving a la Scavenger [Aussie] Style.

Check out my Sudanese basket weaving here.

Beat The Man by not putting all your eggs in one basket.  And if you do put all your eggs in one basket, watch the basket!

Rags to Britches and Riches

RUDE Boy loves these very old Wavezone shorts.  I do imagine any other guy wearing them for two summers, and then using the fabric as rags.  Or more than likely, discarding the shorts into the recycling bin because they were no longer ‘on trend’.

RUDE Girl even made a movie of these shorts this year.  It was sent it to Mr Wu CEO Wavezone in China.  The movie did not attract a response.  Never mind, it was not expected that I would get a reply.  I only hope it received a reaction of incredulous disbelief.

You can watch the first video here which was created for Fashion Revolution Day 2015.

RUDE Boy wears these shorts A LOT!!  Since the first video was made, he has worn more holes through the thinning fabric and previous patches.  For RUDE Girl, it has become like a quest to keep these shorts wearable, and out of the rag-bag.  I work at creating layers for durability and strength.  My inspiration comes from sashiko method of patching and stitching.

Here is the second video in the life of RUDE Boys Wavezone raggedy britches.  It explains how I have mended and patched them for the third time.

RUDE Boy, go Beat The Man [Mr Wu from Wavezone] and keep rockin saggy britches a la scavenger style! 


RUDE Boy loves his raggedy and rude britches