Some Kind of Beautiful


RUDE Girl was a bit sidetracked last week with her activism related to textiles.  I am passionate about keeping textiles and garments out of landfill.

Many of you followed my making of a bath mat from tee-shirt yarn over on our Facebook page.  You have to be very keen to rummage through dirty and smelly clothes at landfill, to find  tee shirts to make yarn.  And before you make the yarn you have to soak, wash and dry the tee-shirts!


Knitted bath mat by RUDE Girl made with recycled tee-shirts sourced from landfill.

To make this tee-shirt bath mat took about 22 tee-shirts and was very labour intensive.  It would have been cheaper and quicker to simply go and buy a bath mat from a department store.

I therefore continue to lobby my municipality for rags and poor quality clothes, to be free of charge, as opposed to them not selling, and then being dumped into landfill.


Soiled, worn and unsorted textiles, mostly poor quality synthetics at City of Melton’s TIP SHOP, Melbourne, Australia.

Anyway we have been having an issue with our local municipality, namely the Rags’ Ruckus.  The issue looks like it will all be resolved by the end of the week.  We want to thank Councillor Lara Carli for stepping up on our behalf, and really listening to our story.  If she did not know much about the municipality’s Tip Shop, and the health, safety and pricing issues, she does now.

And Bowerbirds Journal member Jacqui for your very empathetic post, particularly your words as follows:

“You have my sympathy, but I know you’ll fight back with logic, evidence and good humour.”

Last week, as support,  I was sent this little highlight from a blog follower.  It’s from the movie Some Kind of Beautiful with Pierce Brosnan.  She urged me to listen to my own advice about The Man.  You will get where she was coming from, when you see the video clip. Here is the link


4 thoughts on “Some Kind of Beautiful

    • Yes, it’s a large bath mat and some of the tee-shirts were small size. It felt like it would never finish. And was getting a bit heavy to hold as I knitted. I am so happy I made it. Very rewarding and functional. It makes me smile, and is lovely and spongy/soft underfoot. Thank you for your comment.


  1. Thank you Linda, I know you have been following my story. Thank you for the like on the previous post. I am back, as you say, because someone has to stand up on a local level. It’s sexy for many to get involved in textile crusades on the international arena but the clothes and rags still get churned out and dumped locally. Someone has to fight for awareness at the grassroots level. It’s challenging because there is little interest at that level [the dump]

    Thank you for your comments on the bath mat. You can see it finished in a video on our Facebook page at Rude Record, if you have not already done so. And yes, I am known for my determination. You picked it.

    I hope all is well with your re-creating and business.


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